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Mr. Bill!!! Ohhhh Nooooooh!!
(A Gates Humor Page)

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Hey, Users, If You Buy His Software,
This Kind of Thing Will Always Happen!!:
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OH Noooo! It's Mr BILL Again!  100+Billion Bucks in 
MSFT & Assets!!! #1 In The U.S. Third Year Straight!!
And a 65,000 Sq Ft, $$100 Million House!!

If You Can't Beat Him, Can You Join Him??
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Netscape Keeps Trying; but:

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Yeah Watch Him Fidget with His Widget!!!

It's as If He said:
I swear my OS delivers the Whole Crash, And Nothing but the Crash!! (of Win98!!!)"

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Microsoft-Next Generation : Lost Episodes (ST parody)
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Win95 Crashes Too Much!!

Microsoft might be Bifurcated!