Pictures of The Top Military Leadership

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They broke the mold back then, when 9 individuals were selected for promotion to 5 star rank; none
since have been elevated to the grade. Two bills (H.R. 1052 on 2/21/91and H.R. 1225 on 3/4/91) were 
introduced to Congress to raise Schwartzkopf and Powell to General-Of-The-Army grade. Those bills 
were quickly rebuffed by the Armed Forces Subcommittee. There were two higher ranks above 5 stars:
First, General-of-the-Armies John J. Pershing was a 6 Star rank by Congress, however, he chose only 
to wear 4 stars. Secondly, George Washington was post-humously elevated above all military ranks, 
past, present, and future, as Commander in Chief of all Armed Forces.

Historically, there was another General of the Army or two like Ulyses S. Grant, however they were not 
5 starred grades.  Below are photos found throughout the web of these Officers:

Highest Ranked was General-of-the-Armies
 John J. "Black Jack" Pershing






Douglas MacArthur







Omar Bradley

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Dwight David (Ike) Eisenhower
Source: "Army Signal Corps"








George Catlett Marshall
Source: "World Wide Photos"

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Hap Arnold:  
Only Officer to be BOTH General of the Army AND General of the Air Force!

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5 Star Officers sign the Japan Surrender!!

Fleet Admiral Nimitz pictured signing Japanese Surrender
Standing is General-of-the-Army  Douglas MacArthur, and
Fleet Admiral William "Bull" Halsey
Source: The Supreme Allied Command  provided all WW2 Veterans this photo, My Father included :)

5-Star Naval Officers - Fleet Admirals:
Here are the Top Four of The U.S. Navy in WW2:
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Check out this scan from Fleet Admiral Leahy's Book," I was There"


Source: Naval Historical Center

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Top Brass Picture: shows all 10 Leaders 5 star and above :)

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