A review by "Nightscribe" of :
"No Guts No Glory-Unmasking Navy SEAL Imposters"
     Book Author: Steve Robinson, former U.S. Navy SEAL (A REAL one!!)

    This book is a MUST read for those who are curious about wannabes (fakes, phonies, or posers);
how a wannabe goes about trying to perpetrate his hoax, how someone reports such claims, and
what is done with the reports submitted.

The author is a REAL SEAL, and a member of a group called AuthentiSEALs who volunteer
their time in exposing phonies. The small group consists of SEALs (both former and active duty),
and a professional Webmaster; who, incidentally, is Navy-trained, but is not a U.S. Navy SEAL.
But with her P.I. expertise, she also can spot phonies!

The book documents a large number of phony SEALs, including the details of the claims
they have made; some truly unbelievable and outlandish. The author has included cases
where these imposters have also claimed to receive the Congressional Medal of Honor,
the Navy Cross, the Silver Star, the purple heart and other decorations not truly earned.

The author has done a great job of grouping his cases to illustrate the various types of
Wannabe SEALs "out there"; and has covered their discussion in more than a dozen chapters.
Some chapter names include “I Was A SEAL”, “I Work For The CIA”, and “SEAL Team SIX,
Steven Segal, and the Congressional Medal Of Honor”

The author has provided some truly amazing, real life reports of what these guys are
claiming. Until you read this, you won’t believe how wild the stories can get.
The book sells for $20 and is available from the author through his business web
site – www.moosecreekforge.com.

The book is a soft cover; a Trade Paperback (about 6 x 9 inches), an inch thick, and 379 pages.
Once you start reading, I am positive you won’t want to put it down!

Nightscribe's Rating:
My highest recommendation goes to this book on the topic of SEAL imposters!!!
                  GET it!!!!!

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