These Photos taken at an Old Time Western Photo Studio exhibit at the 2010 "Walleye Festival"

'80 Stelling Staghorn with Engraved Metal Parts, upgraded with Tony Pass Submerged Old Wood Rim
There is no better-sounding banjo than a Stelling, tone-wise! This is my #1 banjo, by far!

'78 Gibson Mastertone replica, upgraded and now generating clean and powerful punch-tone from a pot assembly that
includes the Tony Pass submerged old wood rim, and the new 2010 Steve Huber Engineered Tone Ring;
having the "Pre-WW2" sound because of the tone ring cast exactly like the original '34 Granada tone ring.
The rim extends the range of tone, bass notes are deeper, overall-the sound "cuts bark off trees" :)


Photo Credits:

Date photos taken: 5/29/2010