Flatt and Scruggs: More of the Best in Bluegrass!!
Track Lists
The Golden Era 1950-1955

Curly Seckler; Benny Sims; Benny Martin; Jofy Rainwater; Everett Lilly; Chubby Wise; Howdy Forrester.
Track #   Song Title
1.             Flint Hill Special
2.             Your Love Is Like A Flower
3.             I'm Waiting To Hear You Call Me Darling
4.             Head Over Heels In Love With You
5.             I'm Working On A Road (To Glory Land)
6.             Till The End Of The World Rolls Around
7.             Jimmie Brown, The Newsboy
8.             Earl's Breakdown
9.             Someone Took My Place With You
10.           I'm Gonna Sleep With One Eye Open
11.           Dim Lights, Thick Smoke (And Loud, Loud Music)
12.           Don't This Road Look Rough And Rocky
13.           Randy Lynn Rag
14.           Old Home Town, The
15.           Brother I'm Getting Ready To Go
You Can Feel it in Your Soul 1953-1959

Track#   Song Title
1.                Cabin On The Hill
2.                Heaven
3.                Joy Bells
4.                You Can Feel It In Your Soul
5.                Who Will Sing For Me?
6.                Is There Room For Me?
7.                It Won't Be Long
8.                Bubblin' In My Soul
9.                Gone Home
10.              Give Mother My Crown
11.              Million Years In Glory, A
12.              Give Me Flowers While I'm Living
13.              Be Ready For Tomorrow May Never Come
On Foggy Mountain, 1966

Track#   Song Title
1.                Foggy Mountain Breakdown
2.                The Story of Bonnie and Clyde
3.                Petticoat Junction
4.                You are My Flower
5.                The Ballad of Jed Clampett
6.                John Henry
7.                Foggy Mountain Top
8.                Coal Miner's Blues
9.                Wabash Cannon Ball
10.              Jimmy Brown the Newsboy
The World of Flatt and Scruggs 1987
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Track#    Song Title
1.                 Foggy Mountain Breakdown
2.                 Memphis
3.                 Kansas City
4.                 Ballad Of Jed Clampett, The
5.                 Reuben
6.                 Wabash Cannonball
7.                 Buddy Don't Roll So Slow
8.                 Orange Blossom Special (instrumental)
9.                 Petticoat Junction
10.               Earl's Breakdown
11.               Salty Dog Blues
12.               Footprints In The Snow
13.               Flint Hill Special
14.               Martha White Theme, The
15.               Take This Hammer
16.               Jimmy Brown The Newsboy
17.               Worried Man Blues
18.               Cripple Creek
19.               Story Of Bonny And Clyde, The
20.               John Henry
Historical Edition 1988

Track # Song Title
1.               I'll Go Stepping Too
2.               Dear Old Dixie
3.               No Doubt About It
4.               You Put Me On My Feet
5.               Before I Met You
6.               Foggy Mountain Special
7.               Till The End Of The World Rolls 'Round
8.               What's Good About It
9.               Who Knows Right From Wrong
10.             Cabin On The Hill
Greatest Hits 1987
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Track# Song Title
1.          Ballad Of Jed Clampett, The
2.          Flint Hill Special
3.          Jimmy Brown, The Newsboy
4.          I Still Miss Someone
5.          Petticoat Junction
6.          Fireball
7.          Earl's Breakdown
8.          You Are My Flower
9.          Pearl Pearl Pearl
10.        Good Things (Out-Weigh The Bad), The
11.        My Saro Jane
Golden Hits 1994

Track# Song Title
1.          Foggy Mountain Breakdown
2.          Salty Dog Blues
3.          We'll Meet Again Sweetheart
4.          Round Town Gals
5.          Doin' My Time
6.          Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms
7.          Farewell Blues
8.          My Cabin In Caroline
9.          Bending The Strings
10.        Preachin' Prayin' Singin
Foggy Mountain Jamboree 1957

Curly Seckler; Benny Martin; Howdy Forrester; Chubby Wise; Chet Atkins
Track#  Song Title
1.           Flint Hill Special
2.           Some Old Day
3.           Earl's Breakdown
4.           Jimmie Brown, The Newsboy
5.           Foggy Mountain Special
6.           It Won't Be Long
7.           Shuckin' The Corn
8.           Blue Ridge Cabin Home
9.           Randy Lynn Rag
10.         Your Love Is Like A Flower
11.         Foggy Mountain Chimes
12.         Reunion In Heaven
Foggy Mountain Banjo 1995

Track#  Song Title
1.           Ground Speed
2.           Home Sweet Home
3.           Sally Ann
4.           Little Darling, Pal of Mine
5.           Reuben
6.           Cripple Creek
7.           Lonesome Road Blues
8.           John Henry
9.           Fire Ball Mail
10.         Sally Goodin
11.         Bugle Call Rag
12.         Cumberland Gap
Essential Flatt and Scruggs 1950-1967:
"Tis Sweet to be Remembered"

Track#  Song Title
1.              Come Back Darling
2.              I'm Head Over Heels In Love
3.              I'm Workin' On A Road (To Glory Land)
4.              'Tis Sweet To Be Remembered
5.              Earl's Breakdown
6.              Flint Hill Special
7.              Foggy Mountain Chimes
8.              That Old Book Of Mine - (previously unreleased)
9.              'Til The End Of The World Rolls Around
10.            Foggy Mountain Special
11.            Randy Lynn Rag
12.            Shuckin' The Corn
13.            Don't Let Your Deal Go Down
14.            I'll Never Shed Another Tear - (previously unreleased)
15.            Big Black Train
16.            Crying My Heart Out Over You
17.            Cabin In The Hills
1.              Polka On A Banjo
2.              Just Ain't
3.              Go Home
4.              Legend Of The Johnson Boys, The
5.              Ballad Of Jed Clampett, (Theme From "The Beverly Hillbillies")
6.              New York Town
7.              Pearl Pearl Pearl
8.              My Saro Jane
9.              I'm Troubled - (previously unreleased)
10.            You Are My Flower
11.            Petticoat Junction
12.            Workin' It Out
13.             I Still Miss Someone
14.            Nashville Cats
15.            California Up Tight Band
16.            Down In The Flood
17.            Foggy Mountain Breakdown (Theme From "Bonnie And Clyde")
Don't Get Above Your Raisin' 1950-1958

Curly Seckler; Benny Sims; Benny Martin; Jody Rainwater; Everett Lilly; Chubby Wise; & Howdy Forrester.
Track # Song Title
1.           Come Back darling
2.           We Can't Be Darlings Any More
3.           Don't Get Above Your Raisin'
4.           'Tis Sweet To Be Remembered
5.           My Darling's Last Goodbye
6.           Get In Line Brother (If You Want To Go Home)
7.           Before I Met You
8.           Foggy Mountain Chimes
9.           I Don't Care Any More
10.         Why Did You Wander?
11.         Thinking About You
12.          I'm Gonna Settle Down
13.          You're Not A Drop In The Bucket
14.          Foggy Mountain Special
15.          Reunion In Heaven
The Complete Mercury Sessions: 1992 Release

The Foggy Mountain Boys include: Mac Wiseman (vocals, guitar); Curly Seckler (vocals, mandolin); 
Art Wooten, Benny Sims, Jim Shumate (fiddle); Howard Watts, and Chuck Johnson (bass).
Track#   Song Title
1.                Pike County Breakdown
2.                Doin' My Time
3.                My Little Girl In Tennessee
4.                Down The Road
5.                Old Salty Dog Blues
6.                Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms
7.                My Cabin In Caroline
8.                Foggy Mountain Breakdown
9.                I'll Just Pretend
10.              Pain In My Heart
11.              Is It Too Late Now
12.              Why Don't You Tell Me So
13.              Cora Is Gone
14.              I'll Never Love Another
15.              Baby Blue Eyes
16.              I'll Never Shed Another Tear
17.              We'll Meet Again Sweetheart
18.              Farewell Blues
19.              Will The Roses Bloom (Where She Lies Sleeping)
20.              Back To The Cross
21.              Take Me In A Lifeboat
22.              I'm Going To Make Heaven My Home
23.              Bouquet In Heaven
24.              No Mother Or Dad
25.              I'll Be Going To Heaven Sometime
26.              So Happy I'll Be
27.              God Loves His Children
28.              Preachin', Prayin', Singin'
Album Notes:  Full performer name: Flatt & Scruggs & The Foggy Mountain Boys.
Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs left Bill Monroe's band, the Blue Grass Boys, in 1948 to form their
own act, and they signed with the independent label Mercury Records. THE COMPLETE MERCURY
SESSIONS contains all 28 of the tracks they recorded in their two years with Mercury. Flatt & Scruggs:
Lester Flatt (vocals, guitar); Earl Scruggs (guitar, banjo).
Blue Ridge Cabin Home 1955 - 1957

Track#   Song Title
1.                Blue Ridge Cabin Home
2.                Don't Let Your Deal Go Down
3.                Some Old Day
4.                I'll Never Shed Another Tear
5.                I'll Take The Blame
6.                Six White Horses
7.                Hundred Years From Now, A
8.                On My Mind
9.                Shuckin' The Corn
10.              Let Those Brown Eyes Smile At Me
11.              No Mother In This World
12.              I Won't Be Hanging Around
13.              Randy Lynn Rag
14.              What's Good For You
15.              No Doubt About It
Album Notes:
1955's BLUE RIDGE CABIN HOME represents Flatt and Scruggs' golden age. This recording marks a 
midway point between the orthodoxy of the late '40s (when the two musicians were fresh out of Bill Monroe's
band) and the heresy of the early '60s (when they had a hit with the BEVERLY HILLBILLIES theme and 
started recording Dylan tunes). Best of all, Buck "Uncle Josh" Graves had just joined the band, adding the
sound of the Dobro to Flatt and Scruggs' classic bluegrass quintet lineup of guitar, banjo, mandolin, fiddle, 
and bass. Graves is considered the Abraham of bluegrass-style "Hawaiian" slide guitar, and he shines on 
this album. His approach incorporates syncopated rolls (adapted from Scruggs' dazzling three-finger banjo
style), jagged phrasing, and honkin' blues licks that must have come from hearing Delta blues guitarists
somewhere along the way. The whole band blazes on such breakdown-tempo tunes as "Don't Let Your 
Deal Go Down" and "Shuckin' The Corn." The musicians pull back for moments like "I'll Take the Blame,"
a song that grooves along to an invisible backbeat and goes a long way towards showing the long-lost
connection between bluegrass and country music.

Flatt &Scruggs at Carnegie Hall: 12/8/62 Concert

Track#   Song Title
1.                Salty Dog Blues
2.                Durham's Reel
3.                Down The Road
4.                Rainbow
5.                Big Ball In Brooklyn
6.                Flint Hill Special
7.                Dig A Hole In The Meadow
8.                I Hung My Head And Cried
9.                Hot Corn, Cold Corn
10.              Little Darlin' Pal Of Mine
11.              You Can't Stop Me From Dreaming
12.              Footprints In The Snow
13.              Martha White Theme, The
14.              I Wonder Where You Are Tonight
15.              Old MacDonald Had A Farm *Funny Rendition!!!"
16.              He Will Set Your Field On Fire
17.              Let The Church Roll On
18.              Wildwood Flower
19.              Hear That Whistle Blow (A Hundred Miles)
20.              Fiddle And Banjo
21.              Old Leather Britches
22.              Ballad Of Jed Clampett
23.              Yonder Stands Little Maggie
24.              Reuben
25.              Mama Blues
26.              I Know What It Means To Be Lonesome
27.              Foggy Mountain Rock
28.              Take This Hammer
29.              McKinley's Gone
30.              Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms
31.              Gotta Travel On
32.              Mountain Dew
Album Notes:
Koch's reissue of AT CARNEGIE HALL! restores all 32 cuts from the original 1962 two-LP release.
Personnel: Lester Flatt (guitar); Earl Scruggs (banjo); Burkett H. "Buck" Graves, Billy E. Powers 
(guitar); Paul Warren (violin); English P. Tullock, Jr. (bass).
Recorded live at Carnegie Hall, New York, New York on December 8, 1962. Originally released on 
Columbia (8845).  Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs were big news at the height of the late '50s/early 
'60s folk revival. New York City was essentially ground zero for a mania that extended to all things
musical and Southern. So something of a love-fest occurred when Flatt and Scruggs and their polished 
bluegrass band rolled into town on one December night in 1962 to play no less a venue than Carnegie Hall.
There are screams from the crowd for "Martha White" (the theme song from the band's radio sponsor), and
Scruggs has no choice but to encore the banjo showpiece "Flint Hill Special." To know what the Foggy
Mountain Boys sounded like in their natural habitat, you'd have to go to transcripts of the band playing
a school auditorium or radio hour somewhere south of the Jersey Turnpike. CARNEGIE HALL still 
gives you a taste of how Flatt and Scruggs put together a show before their original band disintegrated
under the weight of the revival itself. As you might expect from a live recording of this era, the sound 
favors the top end. Vocals, fiddle, and banjo breaks come through best, especially as the band performs
with only two microphones among its six performers.
Flatt and Scruggs: 20 All Time Greats
Track#   Song Title
1.                I Still Miss Someone
2.                99 Years Is Almost For Life
3.                When Papa Played The Dobro
4.                John Henry
5.                Cripple Creek
6.                Petticoat Junction
7.                Jackson
8.                Foggy Mountain Breakdown
9.                Kansas City
10.              Sally Ann
11.              Ballad Of Jed Clampett, The
12.              Detroit City
13.              Soldier's Return, The
14.              Lonesome Road Blues
15.              Dig A Hole In The Meadow
16.              You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone
17.              Coal Miner's Blues
18.              Wabash Cannonball
19.              Memphis
20.              Salty Dog Blues

Strictly Instrumental Flatt & Scruggs with Doc Watson

Track#   Song Title
1.                Pick Along
2.                Nothing To It
3.                Evelina
4.                Jazzing
5.                Liberty
6.                Tammy's Song
7.                John Hardy Was A Desperate Little Man
8.                Lonesome Reuben
9.                Spanish Two-Step
10.              Careless Love
11.              Bill Cheatham
Amazon's Review:
Earl Scruggs and Doc Watson trading licks--what more do you need to know? Toss in a fine solo or
two from Josh Graves's Dobro, Paul Warren's fiddle, or Charlie McCoy's harmonica. Sure, the
songs are the simplest of springboards and the running time is abominably low (less than 25 minutes),
but it's hard to find fault when Scruggs's banjo magically rolls and Watson's flat-picking fingers fly.
Both men have always shared an ability to make the impossible sound effortless and virtuosity sound
elementary, and this 1966 gem is further proof of that. As the notes dart, the mood remains relaxed
and intimate. --Marc Greilsamer.
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