Nightscribe Watching the Wanamaker Organ being played Pic 2

Photo by R. Young, Sr, on 11/24/99

I am observing flawless classical music technique at this console!  
We have been allowed to watch Peter Richard Conte play his morning
concert, sitting behind the console, just a few feet away! The pipes sounded
great in the Grand Court behind me, and I watched carefully, to compare
the music on the score with the sounds being played!  It was amazing work!
Great enjoyment for anyone visiting!  
The place: Lord and Taylor's in Philadelphia, Pa.
The date:  11/24/99, my last day in my 40's :)

When you are in the Grand Court, the sound epicenter for the Wanamaker
Organ is believed to be near a bronze eagle mounted near the court's center. 
Standing near this beautifully crafted bronze eagle will reward you, during any
concert, with an optimum experience of the great sounds emanating from the 
approximately 28,482 pipes in 461 ranks, commanded by the above pictured 
six manual console! 

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