Meet the Philadelphia Piano Lady!!

This proved to me that Beautiful Music can be found Anywhere !!!!

A story of a chance Musical Surprise:

On Wed Nov 24, 1999, my Mother, my Father, my son Jordan, and I were visiting
the Reading Terminal that was improved into a monumental food market as part of
the convention center construction project.  The old terminal building facing on 
Market St was taken over by the Marriott and converted into a 200 room facility 
which is connected to their 13th and Market Hotel by an overhead ramp.
We had obtained our lunches, and could not find a nearby table to sit at to eat!  So...
we found a standup table near a beat up old upright piano.  Seated at this piano
was a woman who was swaying in a rhythm in tempo with a tune she was playing.
The longer we stood there eating, the more aware we became of what was being
played on the piano.  This lady, who remains unidentified, was hitting chord after
beautiful chord, making this piano respond to her skilled "finger dances". We
were treated to a wide repertoire showcasing the piano compositions of great
composers!  We heard samples of Chopin, Bach, Liszt, Beethoven. Mozart, and
many others.  I have no idea who taught her, or when she learned it.  All I know
is that I heard wonderful sounds coming from this piano!  Not a note was missed,
not a chord failed to resonate its inner harmony!  After we had finished lunch,
I found out that this "Piano Lady" is a former dancer.  This explains her ability
to sway gracefully with the music and play from the heart! 

I never did find out who taught her and when.  It is not important.  The fact is,
she played with all of her being and soul.  I trust that all who are fortunate enough
to hear her play at the Reading Terminal will experience the same radiance in her play,
and the well-placed chording that she demonstrates mastery of!  Multiple sharps too!!

After she took a little break, I told the "Piano Lady" I happened to be in Philadelphia,
to see the Wanamaker Organ for the occasion of my 50th birthday, soo..
she sat back down and played "happy birthday" for me!  How cordial and nice!  :)

My personal note to the "Piano Lady"; Hoping she finds this web page!  :)

Thank you, Piano Lady of Philadelphia, for being there .. when my family
happened to be there .. just eating our lunch!  Thank you for playing from your
"heart",  and playing gloriously as you transferred the hearts and minds of the
great classic composers to our own ears and treating our own minds and hearts
to a "Musical Meal".  I thoroughly enjoyed your playing! Bravo!!!!

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