Cyber Women with Smarts
Very astute, clever, capable, sophisticated women (OK! Girls, even!!) of
significant achievement are using the web to better themselves and are 
encouraging their peers to do the same.

The links provided here are intended to showcase the smart cyber women
who are increasingly prevalent in web development, computer technology
and/or cyber info technology. This website is one of the places where you 
should look, if you seek links to very intelligent women on the web!

Digital Divas
Girl Geeks: Make Money in Technology and enjoy the trip!
Girl Geeks: Women in Computing: Geek Questionnaire
Women In Technology International
Princeton appointed its first woman president. Shirley Tilghman!
For Executive Moms
Linux Chix
Be Fearless!
Women In History I put this here to inspire Today's CyberGirl to make History!
Institute for Women & Technology
Women Connect Now! Resources for Businesswomen!
National First Lady's Library
Phenomenal Women Of Web
Women's Connection On Line
CyberGrrl Webstation
Nanogirl's Nanotechnology Business!  Mirror But different!
Women's Net Guide
About Face: Aims to drop the perceptional distortion about women
NrrdGrrl Gallery
Cyber Grrl Seer: Release 2.0!!
Cybergirl Links
Women Of NASA!
The Activist Cybergrrl: NOW!
Planet CyberGrrl
Webgrrls Unite!
Cybergrrl's Book Nook
ChickClick: All Sorts of GirlSite Non-Fakeness!
Advancing Women: A Great Career Networking Resource!
ABWI: American Business Women International
Women's Business Directory
The Enterprising Woman
American Woman Motor Scene
Wise  "(Tx Dragon" is one of them :)
Journeywoman: The Traveller And Networker!
Just Us Girls: Many Links!!
Women-Connect: Asia
Women in Computer Visual Arts, Effects, Animation
Real Women, Real Life: The Electra Woman
Gifts Of Speech In Women Around The Web
"Smart Girl" Site
National Association Of Women Business Owners
Femina: Sites For, By, & About Women
Miss Information:
Women In Information Technology
Association for Women in Computing
Living the Legacy: Women's Rights Movement
Women's Heritage: 150th Year Celebration
A "RingWeb" For Web Business Women ;)
Women's Work
HerSpace: Network for Evolving Women
Meet Courtney Pulitzer
Guy's Guide to Geek Girls
The Woman with the highest IQ?
(>200) in the known world of Intellects:
Ask Marilyn Vos Savant
Women's Institute for Financial Education
Feminist HQ

Competitive Recreation On Line:
Girl Gamers: GameGirlz

Women's Connection Online:
Vast Women's Resources Links!
Bella On Line
WomenCom's Salary Check
Women Today Magazine

Web Weaving CyberGirls Sites:
Wolfsong's Web Development & Management Page
WebWoman (Of Silicon Valley)
Green iiis
Sheila aka WebWoman Lives
Silky's Webspinner
TX Dragon
WebClub By WebWoman Of tSunami

Web Graphicologists!!!  
Lady Artists

For the Serious Cyber Journey in REAL life:
Divas on the Travel Adventure!!

Work of Women: Make an opportunity happen for women in Need! Open the Doors!

Lady Scribes Listed!
Women Authors Database
Women Writers
Shirley Gerald Ware

Female "Nerds & Geeks" Home Sites:
nerdblue.gif (2552 bytes)
GeekGirl Global
Geek Dating Advice: 1st, take the geek check!
Lisa Michaud's Home Page
Girls Who Wear Glasses
Nice Girl

Money Issues also concern Web Women:
Ms Money

Amazing Graphics Webweavers Here!!!!:
lc11.gif (7414 bytes)

Native American Wonders of Graphics:)
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Womyn&Grrlsani2.gif (17766 bytes)

smartdone.gif (9897 bytes)

Other Notables!
Something Different: The Lipstick Librarian :)
Contributions of 20th Century Women To Physics
A   Good Friend's Web Home : InfoBrokering Business!
Pure Accomplishment! Tori Murden is the 1st ever to cross the Atlantic on a rowboat!!
Poetess Supreme Ofelia Schook

For those Fashionables
First View