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The Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Station

Evening Lake Applet Featuring DBNPS!
Lake Applet showing Sunset's Eastward light covering the plant buildings!

Some DB Reactor photos showing the Blue Glow!! (Cerenkov Effect!)

Special Heavy Equipment I've seen at DBNPS:
At DBNPS before the 9-11 WTC recovery, : a 1000 Ton capacity Manitowoc 21000 Lattice Boom Crawler with Octa-Trac.
Also at DBNPS, a 19 axle, 74-Wheel Trail King Model S300 Transporter delivered the Midland Reactor Head in July 2002
Picture of Midland Head and Original DB Reactor Head 8-29-02

The Latest NRC site content on DBNPS Rx Head and IMC0350 Oversight issues and status.

Rigging and Cranes: Users of the biggest "pickeruppers" in the world to make Nuclear Plants!