MIDLAND_RxHead_Transporter_Trail_King_S300_complete_CROPPED (3).JPG (40144 bytes)
Photo Credit: J.D. Adams 7-18-02

Brief Facts:
The above is a "superload" class, Model S-300 Trail King Transporter.  This 187 Ft long, 19 axle,
500 Ton Capacity Trailer System carried the 100+ ton Midland Reactor Head (17'-6" Diameter, 8 Ft High)
a distance of 250 miles from Midland, Michigan to the Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Station.
This specially designed rig has the capability to adjust weight distribution and facilitate maneuvering!

This transporter system is owned by the DG Equipment Company. 
The Subcontractor coordinating the move was Rigging International
One of the largest engineering and construction companies in the world, Bechtel,
is the contractor in charge of extracting the head from the Midland Containment, (Completed),
transporting the head to Davis-Besse (completed), and opening/restoring the Davis-Besse Containment
(Pending). Framatome-ANP is the company who has the major responsibility to test and
certify the Midland head for use at Davis Besse, plus installation of the head itself!

I was a toll collector one summer for the Delaware Memorial Bridge, in 1969, while an engineering
student, and I am now wondering what I would have charged the driver of this transporter for 19 axles!!  Back then
I charged $0.75 for a 2axle with dual rear tires, $1.50 for 4 axles, and $1.75 for 5 axles (Typical 18 wheeler)!