Oceanography / Aquatic:

On Terra Firma:

In The Air:

Aquarium Of The Pacific
Nova Online: Into The Abyss
The National Aquarium of Baltimore
Ocean Planet: Travelling Smithsonian Exhibit
Alliance Of Marine Mammal Parks And Aquariums

Tracking Stephanie-The Hooded Seal: World Wide!
JAMSTEC: Japan Marine Science Tech Center
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Monterey Bay E-Quarium
Yahoo's Oceanography Links
COAST: Consortium for Oceanographic Activities
STARBOARD: COAST's 3D Oceanographic Interface
WWW Oceanography Virtual Library
Year Of The Ocean: A Beautiful site!
NOAA's Coral Health And Monitoring Program
Zebra Mussell Info Resources
Ocean Chemistry Division: NOAA
NOAA Main Site
International Whaling Commission
The Northern Right Whale
Shark Foundation
Shark Attacks Are Up!
International Shark Attack File
Manatee Haven!
Australian Institute Of Marine Science
Lobster Cam! From Steve Waterman
Whale Watchers

Whales, Dolphins, Porpoises at Cetacia

Lake and Trees in Autumn: Java
Shark Survivor

The SanDiego Zoo!!
Mystery Hill & Much more (Has Exotics)
Find Koala Bears At Their Home In Australia :)
Gorilla Foundation: Project Koko
Galapagos Islands: Creatures in Danger
Siberian Tiger Info Center
Tiger Foundation
Big Cats
All About Deer!!

Pachyderm "Central"
He Starts at Bottom; Stays There(Slug)
Kratt's Creatures
Everything On Cats! Wild To Wild!

Kitten Rescue
Cat Fancier's Information Site
Cats Magazine
Woof!: It's A Dog's Life
America's Most Incredible Dogs

Little Doggie Page
Digital Dog
Bulldog Org
Retired Racing Greyhounds
Add Your Pet To "The Pet Of The Day"!
Wild Treasures of Bolivia
Complete Hamster Site
All About Hamsters
Fire Ants In Texas: Research
Giraffes  Planet Giraffe

Take Care with Tetra Home Equip
Special Pet Links
Jaguar Java
Spider Web

Missy- A Great Beagle Pup!

A Python and I

On Cruelty
Help the Monkeys

Creatures That Are Lit Up!
Bioluminescence Web Page

LOST n FOUND Pets Center!!!

I never saw these close up, 
Did you??
Deer Triangle
Lions making More Lions!
Big Foot (Researcher Site)

Clydesdales-BIG Horses


Bat Conservation International
The Backyard Bat Page
Birmingham Zoo Batlinks
Monica The Monarch: A Great Page by A 6th Grader!!
International Federation Of Butterfly Enthusiasts
A Passion For Parrots
The Bird Source
National Audubon Society
Entomological Society Of America
3-D Insects
Mayflies! Yuck!
NJ "Wendell's Yucky Bug World" (You Decide!)

Terrarium Whiffle Bats
Predatory Bird Tracking /Telemetry
PBS: Alien Empire Bugs Study
Global Study of Wildlife Migration!
Beware of KILLER BEES:!!!
More Killer Bees
Insects on the Web
Bug Bios
Insect Photography by Eritja

On America's National Bird:
Bald Eagle Info: American Icon!
Bald Eagle Species Account
Ohio Bald Eagle-Licensed Image

6 Legged Red Cross: Mosquitoes! 
Mosquito Genomics Server
Mosquito Control Organizations

Bird Watching 
(Not women either, LOL)

Port Clinton Mascot?
Mayfly Central tells all about the stinker

Wildlife Education and Preservation
Back to the Wild




General Animal Links
Save Life On Earth
Creature Care: The US Humane Society
"In Memory Of Pets":Pet Loss Memorial
Pet Names Resources from iVillage

Homo Sapiens
The Tallest: Robert Pershing Wadlow

Favorite Nature TV: PBS
BBC Wild

Fixing the Problems of Animal Health
Find resources on my Veterinary page :)
Return to the Wild
World Wild Fund

Ant Colony

Very Small Lifeforms
Microbe World

Unwanted Lifeforms-The Invasive type!
Invasive Species