Obesity - A Growing Problem in America!
First, a term I have "coined": "Hyper-Adiposity" Here's my definition:
Hyper-Adiposity: A physical state or condition in which one is well endowed with Adipose Tissue (Fat).

Here are some links to websites I have found to be informative on Obesity and allied topics.

International Association for the Study of Obesity
International Journal of Obesity
PSI Doctor's Guide : Obesity Information and Resources
ASBS: American Society for Bariatric Surgery     BMI Calculator
ASBS: The Story of Surgery for Obesity
Diet and Weight Reduction Links
Michael D Myers Objective Medical info on various topics on Obesity
Dr Krentzman's "The Science of Obesity and Weight Control"
Obesity Dot Com
Scientific American : Gaining on Fat
Medical Services Organization: About Obesity
UCLA University Obesity Center
NAAFA: Obesity is a Human Rights Issue too!
NAASO: North American Association for Study of Obesity
IOTF Network for Overweight and Obesity
International Obesity Task Force
Obesity Management Techniques
Association for Morbid Obesity Support
Obesity Help Dot Com   Weight Loss Calculator
Weight Control Alternative Medicine
Leibel's Set Point Theory
Obesity Surgery Links
Obesity Search Engines
Fat Grams Table
"Committed to Kids" Pediatric Weight Management
NY Obesity Research Center
Weight Loss 2000 Dot Com
Obesity Meds and Research News
"Mediconsult" Eating Disorders Resources
Human Obesity Gene Map!!
Federal Obesity Guidelines
Federal Clinical Obesity Guidelines
Obesity Law Resources
Weapons in the War on Obesity
PharmInfoNet Obesity Information Center
Support Works: on Obesity and Eating Disrders Support Groups
NIDDK: Publications list for Nutrition and Obesity

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