Medical Resources:

First, Do No Harm!  (Hippocrates quote.)
Society to Improve Diagnosis in Medicine

Research Paper searches, including thesis/dissertations:  Google Scholar

Biomedical Research Paper Searches, including thesis/Dissertations

Alternative Medical Sciences
Asthma / Pulmonary
Dental Sciences
Emergency Aid Resources
First Aid
General Medical Sites
Genetic Engineering / DNA Genome Research
Geriatrics and Senior Medicine
Health Based Webs
Latest Advances in Med Tech!
Major Medical Resource Sites
Micro Biological Cam
Navy Corpsmen! Ready for Wartime Medicine!
Neurology / Psychological

Obesity: A growing Problem!

Other Useful Medical Resources


Sleep Sciences
Thyroid Disease
Transplant Resources
Veterinary Resources

Specialist Location Resources
AMA Doctor Finder
ABMS: American Board of Medical Specialties
ABMS Member Specialty Boards
Certifacts.Org Listing of Specialties and Subspecialties
CMSS: Council of Medical Specialty Societies Member List
Medical Specialties Webs  by
Mayo Clinic Rochester Specialties List
Surgical Planning Laboratory

Medical Records Services
Techno Systems Med Notes

Special Dr. Koop General Med Resources!
Dr Koop's Community
Empower Health Company
Med Webs

An analogy I wrote using medical theme:
Stand And Deliver (Caution..161k!)

A Super Medical Information Site:
Merck Manual

Legislator/Medical resource:
Dr./Senator Bill Frist Medical Gateway 

A source of great advice on Nutrition and Critiques on medicines like Statins:
The Blaylock Report (News Max sponsored) by Dr Russell Blaylock, Neurosurgeon.

Anatomic Reference:
Gray's Anatomy / Bartleby

Good Med Resource Finders:
MediWarp Database
Med Explorer
Health Link USA
Health Web Org
Medical Journal Finder: WebMedLit
Health On The Net Foundation
High Wire Press
Got a Condition? Find Your Support Group at Big Heart!
E-Medicine: Has electronic textbooks!
Pub Med National Library
Emergency Medicine and Primary Care Resources
Personal MD: Storing medical records online
Patient Empowerment: Medical
Medline: Healthcare supply catalog
Center Watch Clinical Trials
Annals of  Internal Medicine
Family DoctorOrg

Journals of Medicine (General):
JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association).
NEJM (New England Journal of Medicine).
BMJ (British Medical Journal).

Doctors and Dentists Angry at HMO Insurance:
Union of American Physicians and Dentists

Find Health Insurance:
Health Insurance Finders

Concern: Abuse of Antibiotic Prescriptions:
Antibiotic Resistance Project

Medical News Services:
48 Hours
Medical and Political Newsletter Services
Med Line
MediGRAM  by Cuneyd Tolek, M.D.   NEW Site!

Where to go if you want the Best (From USNews)
Top Hospital Listing   #1: JHMI Affiliates    Health Grades

Please visit the Red Cross website to find out how you can help !!!!

Humor can Heal!
Check out "Patch" Adams and his Gesundheit Institute!

Gesundheit Institute's Psychiatrist Partner - "The Healing Doc"  Dr. Carl Hammerschlag

Help for the Heavy:
Obesity Research Center

Help for the Smoker:
No Tobacco

Medicine is a Scientific Field
So there is a related Academy! NAS IOM

Medical Game
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