Thyroid Disease Resources
Why do a "Thyroid Page" ??  

  Because Millions of People have Thyroid Disease, and need to be informed on their conditions!! 
This site is dedicated to empower those on the web who desire more complete information.

  For those that should have an interest (but do not), I strongly encourage these people to get an evaluation 
of their Thyroid done, then; if a condition is found, get treatment from  a board certified endochrinologist!

  I have permanent Hypothyroidism. Kept me from Military Service :((((  

"Vested Interest" exists in this subject, my having been made permanently euthyroid on Feb 10, 1992 at 
the Mercy Hospital under a subtotal bilateral thyroidectomy by Dr Roland Gandy (unfortunately deceased, 
was thebest endocrine surgeon in the area), in Toledo, Ohio. Almost every bit of my thyroid was removed, 
leaving a gram of thyroid on each side of my trachea. Remarkably, no complications occurred (negative 
sequelia) during or after the procedure.

  You can get Tetany (tremor from hypocalcemia) if the hypothyroid glands are damaged or removed. 
You can get loss of voice from simple accidental transection of the recurrent laryngeal nerve which 
runs up inside the thyroid capsule area.  You can get all sorts of complications from the procedure,
however the Lord blessed and I was left only with the need to take Thyroxine(T4/Synthroid) on a 
permanent basis. This procedure was undertaken to save my life, in that ablation of a multi-nodular 
non-substernal adenomata/goiter (15 were detected on needle biopsy) was not practicible under 
radiotherapy due to the growth rate and size of the thyroid gland (Approx 1.5kg). 

   I was originally diagnosed by a test performed during my 23rd month of existence.  Miraculously 
(eventually discovered during my review of my family medical records) I was treated before cretinism 
occurred. This is a very unfortunate thing to happen to an individual with insufficient thyroid metabolism. 
The IQ of a cretin is extremely low.  My mental state was very fortunately spared from cretinism! :)))

If any of you are having throat swellings, or feel tired for no reason, please get a thyroid test done!  
Make sure that your children less than 2 years old are tested for thyroid function especially if they 
appear to be slow in developing (late walking for example)! You must get this treated ASAPif the 
thyroid levels are wrong! It is a medical fact that 13 million Americans have a thyroid condition 
and 8 million are not aware of their condition!  It pays to check!

I have a theory on its origin, (based on Info I got from my parents:

While my mother was pregnant, she was seen by a doctor for a small swelling in the neck. She was then given 
iodine supplements.   I think my endocrine system chemistry was "faked out" by the presence of iodine in the 
developing thyroid, and as such, the cellular completion of my thyroid during mitosis was superficial and limited. 
Once I was born, the incoming iodine from the placental pathway was of course absent, and my thyroid struggled 
over time to keep proper metabolic stasis all throughout my life.   Many times I was under the care of endocrinologists 
who medicinally treated my condition first with Sheep Extract of thyroid, then to the current regimen of Synthroid. 

  My condition is metabolically stable as of this writing with the testing indication / results showing no elevated 
thyroxine :)    My Endocrinologist is excellent and he is the chief of staff for the Mercy Endocrine Center.

There are several good resources on the Internet on the subject of Thyroid Disease!  Provided below are what 
I believe to be relevant and useful URL's that will supply the web visitors some good "knowledge base" content.

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