United States Military Service Branches
No one group or unit can conduct the Nation's Defense in wartime. There are many components of the U.S. Military!
The main groups for these warfaring resources are called "Service Branches".  I have provided these links so you
can see what each Branch is doing webwise to tell the world what they can do for their country!

The Commanding Branch I call The "Pentagon". This huge complex located in Washington DC provides the highest
level of command, control, and communication.  The Highest uniformed commander is the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs
of Staff (JCS).  Please visit my Top Brass Page for links and further info on this topic. The Commandant of the United
States Coast Guard reports to the Chief of Naval Operations during times of war or when the President so directs.

The Major Military Branches are: Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard.

The following obtained from service etiquette is the official ranking of U.S. services. When different services are in formation
(or when service flags are displayed), the following order of precedence should be followed:

Cadets, United States Military Academy
Midshipmen, United States Naval Academy
Cadets, United States Air Force Academy
Cadets, United States Coast Guard Academy
Midshipmen, United States Merchant Marine Academy
United States Army
United States Marine Corps
United States Navy
United States Air Force
United States Coast Guard
Army National Guard of the United States
Army Reserve
Marine Corps Reserve
Naval Reserve
Air National Guard of the United States
Air Force Reserve
Coast Guard Reserve

Other training organizations of the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard, in that order

When the Coast Guard operates as part of the Navy in times of war, the cadets, Coast Guard Academy, the Coast Guard, and the Coast Guard Reserve take precedence after the midshipmen of the Naval Academy, the Navy, and the Naval Reserve, respectively.

Regarding the National Guard, it is a state militia and controlled by Governors--it is not a branch of the armed forces but a
subordinate unit to the U.S. Army when federally activated. 

Special Warfare Units are represented in all Branches, however they all are integrated services under a major Command
called United States Special Operations Command. ("USSOCOM").
Presently commanded by a full (four-star) Admiral William McRaven (Navy SEAL), Note that the there have been two consecutive
4-star SEAL Admirals appointed in command of SOCOM. The first SEAL 4-star Admiral to be appointed to USSOCOM was Admiral  Eric Thor Olson.
The change of command ceremony was completed 8/8/2011.

Navy:    SEAL Teams (Sea Air Land) .....Our Elite Commandos!!.
              UDT Teams   (Underwater Demolition Teams)
              Seabees (Civil Engineering Teams)

Army:    Rangers
               Green Berets

Marines: Snipers
                Recon Teams
                Presidential Guardians
                Nuclear Asset Protection

Air Force: AF Special Operations Command

Branch Level Military Resources:

Top Brass And Central Commands
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Air Force
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Coast Guard
U.S. Coast Guard DOT Site
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U.S. Military Academies
Army: West Point, NY
Navy: Annapolis, MD
Navy Special Warfare Command: Coronado, CA (Home of BUD/S Training for SEALs)
Air Force: Colorado Springs, CO:
Coast Guard: New London, CT

"Merchant Marines"
US Reserve Forces
NORAD:   Our First Line Of U.S. Defense