Music Resources
Great Voices In Music
Tenorland: Profiles Of The Greatest Tenors in The World!!
Enrico Caruso My Pick As The Best Tenor Ever
The Best Three Tenors Living Today:
PBS Special: Play The Three Tenors Game
The Three Tenors home page
Barbershop Quartet National Preservation Society
Global Music!
Aria Database

Greatest Musical Stringed Instrument:
The Stradivarius Violin

Miscellaneous Music Sites
Pipe Organ Links:
Preserve the Sounds of History!
Ozark Mountain Folk Songs Project
The Beatles' Official Website:  No "Let it Be"
Old Masters Music Publications
IUMA: Internet Underground Music Association
Dedicate a Song to Someone!
Public Domain Music: Over 3000 songs selected!
Bill Auclair's "The EarChives"
Find Sounds!!
Find Lyrics!
Hits of the Sixties
Lost and Found NPR's Sound Millenium Search
Robot Flashdancer Interactive
Media Channel
Anti-FAN: Music Publishing Revolution!
CDDB Computer Music Top 10
Singing City
Speech Bot Radio Project
M31 Celebration of the Transistor Radio History
Decoding The Stradivarius Violin: Chemistry Article
Hyper-Cello: MIT's Stradivarius Interface Project
Grammy Awards Website
American Sheet Music: Library Of Congress
Harmony Central For Musicians
Montreux Jazz Festival!
New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival
Music Reviewer On Line
Jazz World, where one may make your own Jazz website!!!
Experience Music Project
For Dead Heads: s Grateful Dead Discography list
Wheeze and Squeeze Accordian site
Boom Box Net: Audio Streaming Sounds
Free Reeds Resources: Accordians, Concertina's, etc.
IAMFREE: Downloadable Art, Music, & Words Museum!
Tucows Music Portal
Cyber Theaters!
Open Up to Images
The British Invasion Explained!
CountrySong.Com & Charlie Daniels Band
Country Search Engine
Sibelius Academy Of Musical Instruments
Elvis Lyrics Site: 698 songs!!
Ultimate Bandlist
Ultimate Lyrics Hunt
International Lyrics Server
Hollywood Online Movie Tune Tracks :)
Jacks Shack! Tons of Bluegrass MIDI
Apple City Midi Files
Music of the War Between The States
Computer Karaoke
Midi Karaoke
Union Songs
Audiobahn-Car Stereo Components
Love Machine Musical Interface Studio-Andromeda
Dancing Paul

King of The March Music
John Philip Sousa

Webs Where You can be Musically Discovered
From The Top

Music Info e-mail service :new artist releases & tours,TV Appearances
A Major Archive: Minstrel Music
Sony Millennial Music Tour
Electronic Music History
MercuryTheatre On the Air
Pixelon: Full Screen Video Resource
Search by Media: Sights, Sounds, Images, Videos!
Yesterday US Radio (Old-Time Radio Programs On Line!!)
RIAA: Recording Industry Association of America
Web Radio
Radio Tower
Public Radio Scout
PBS Point of View Page
Nick at Night & TV Land
Radio Free Cash
Geek Radio
MIT: Web Radio Resources
Texas Rebel Radio
Sessions at W 54th Street: John Prine
Kpig Cybersty: Visit IF inclined to do so!
CD93: Music online
KHYI Radio
Fast Band Global Cast
Geeks in Space
World Radio Network
Radio Diaries
Live on the Net
Carnegie Hall Virtual Visit
Popcorn: Movies, Music, Reviews, Celebrities, Gossip
TBS: The SuperStation
Rolling Stone Radio: (G2 Real Audio Linked)
Beeb: From The BBC
Earth Tuner : TV & Radio Software
Ultimate TV Guide
Music Room: Midi JukeBox Site
MP3 Player and Archives Site
MP3 Now
Lycos MP3 Search Engine
Swap Station MP3 Exchange Service
Art Bell Radio
VIDNET: Videos On Demand
Get Real Audio!
Ultimate Sound Utilities Page
IMZQT4u's Tunes & Toons Site
Partners In Rhyme
Wall Of Sound (Including Top 100 Albums)
Comedy Central Radio

Some Stars
Johnny Cash
Finding Former Child Stars
CSNY2K Tour: "Going Forward"
Carlos Santana: 2000 American Music Awards Winner
Jimi Hendrix Memorial
Past Star Reappearing?: Hall of Elvis Impersonator-Entertainers!

CREAM is BACK !!!!!!!!

Useful Audio Conversion Resources
Module Converters
Audio Tools for PC, Mac, Unix
Internet File Formats; Related Viewers
Converter's Paradise!! Good variety!

Noise Pollution in your neighborhood?
"No Noise" is a Support Organization

Used Music Resources Market!
Second Spin: Largest Buyer/Seller of used CD's Movies, DVD's!

Classical Section
Metropolitan Opera Home Page
Classical Music Insites
Classical Music in WWW Virtual Library!
Classical Music On Line
Classical Music Top Ten Links
PRS Net's Bach Classical Midi Archives
Classical Midi!
Bach Midi Music Archives
Classical Music Midi Page
Music Database
Duke University Classical Music Resources
e-Classical: The World's largest Classical MP3 store
Essentials of Music
DW3 Classical Music Resources
MP3 Classical Music

Different Blues
Israeli Blues For Peace

Photos from the Golden Era of Jazz
The Blue Flame Cafe
America's Jazz Heritage: Smithsonian 10 yr project!
Jazz before the 1930's: Red Hot Jazz
Jazz Review
Jazz FM

MP3, Midi's & WAV's
AISP Midi Might
Original Midi Compositions "From The heart" by Bruce DeBoer
Jenni's WAV Surf
Johnny V's Sound Links
Sounds From Cyberworld: Pegasus!
SoundAmerica 24,800+ sounds!!
Lycos Rich Media
Taylor's Traditional Tunebook
Marios' Great Gold Midi Collection
Maestrolinks: Scroll down & Check It Out!
Prairie Ridge Midi Collection
Past Perfect Classic Music
Diversified Software Research-Midi's
Join This Midi Ring If You Are Owner Of A Midi Archive Site :)
NPR Radio: My Fav Station Network For Weekend Jazz & Classical
Shawn's Old-Time Radio Gallery
MidiFarm-They have over 5,000 Free Midi Samples-all styles!!
Mike Miessen's Unavoidable BlueGrass Page
Creative Midifiles Professional MidiFile
The Midi City
Daniel Colyer Midi Page
The Juke Box: From some Cool Nurses :))
Virtual Sound Canvas
The Midi Source
Monster Midi Links (No-Frames is clickable there)
Select List of Only The Best Midi Pages
Jam Music Productions
Black Star Entertainment: Service Oriented!
Sonic Shockwave News
Os Midi's de Musica Classica Do Cheese: Spanish Site (Cool!)
Impressionist Midi's
Cybear's Midi Page
Cat's Meow Midi Page
Electronic Hymnal
Ultimate Band List Listening Room
Zappa Midi Page
Rock Mine
Leslie's MIDI Page!     Leslie's Midi Mirror!
Lyrics World
Rock Graveyard!
Patriotic March Midi's From Laura's Midiheaven
Greedo's Starwars Sound/Multimedia Archive
Awesome Selections of Musical Instruments
Tim Bode's Music Page: Liturgical MIDI's
The Ultimate TV & Movie MIDI Page
Standard Midi Files on The Net (Sacred, Christian)
MIDI Links Across The Net-Hosted by Ed Jones
Standard MidiFiles on the Net-Download site links and search engine
Unfurled: Searches For Artists
Beatles, Beatles, & More Beatles!
The Beatles Retrospective From LIFE
The Chairman: Frank Sinatra: A Superfan Site
Willie Nelson On The Road Again
Pa Perkins Radio Broadcast ReRuns
"KissThisGuy" Misheard Lyrics Archive
Yahoo Radio Station "Real Audio Sites"

WebMaster Sounds Corner :)
Background Midi Web Help
Midi Options For Web Authors

Guitars & Lessons On Line!
Guitar 101
Joyce's Guitar Lessons
Guitar Player On Line
Guitar Haven Chord Finder
OLGA: On Line Guitar Archive
GuitarDotNet Archive
Fender: Home Of "Stratocaster"
Net Music School

The Violin
Violin Resources Page

Favorite Foreign Music Webs!
Notable Sites And Their Music From Afar
(Not all-encompassing, but growing as time permits):
Reel Music: Celtic Selections
Taylor's Traditional Tunebook: Over 240 Midi's: Irish, Scottish, Welsh!
HRRC: A Site For Tapers And Recorders!

MISC Music
Links For The Silver Screen
Great Car Audio Equipment
Alanis Morrissette Lyric Generator
Mutopia Free Music Resources
Olde Time Music: Kick Back & Enjoy
60's Pop Diary
Bose Acoustic Technology is Tops
CD Universe

Really Different Synthesized Music!
Technoghetto music

Surround Sound
Surround Associates
SACD (Phillips) Format
SACD (Sony) Format
Surround Pro
HDCD Technology

I have met the Philadelphia Piano Lady