Pipe Organs
The largest size Pipe Organ in The World:

Convention Hall Organ, Atlantic City NJ
This is the World's Physically Largest, (but only 10% Operational).
It has 33,183 pipes installed, in 452 Ranks. Check out this Console!!

acobigsm.jpg (21652 bytes)
7 Manual Console has its own round room!

Atlantic City Convention Hall Organ Society
They are working on getting 100% Operational Status!
Unfortunately, it will cost more than $4 Million  :(


The Second Largest Pipe Organ but it is the GREATEST of all!!
The Wanamaker Grand Court Organ, Philadelphia, Pa.  
This is the World's Largest Operational Pipe Organ; 
Has 28,543 pipes installed in 462 Ranks. 

Wanamak.gif (24308 bytes)
Six Manuals In A Dept Store Court!!

Friends Of the Wanamaker Organ
Wanamaker Organ and Links

The List of the Largest Pipe Organs in the World!

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Unusually Talented Organists:
Hector Olivera
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Playing a CONN 580 T2 Theaterette

The Organ's earliest history began a VERY LONG Time Ago!!!!

Imaginary 8,276-stop pipe organ by Julian Rhodes