Christians, Get Refocused!!
A Letter to be Read in Every Christian Church!!!

To Whom it May Concern :)

If you are hungry;

You will travel miles and miles, if needed, to be filled,


You will not go one mile for your spirit to be fed My Word!

If you are Parched;

You will diligently search for water, and when found, will drink of it freely,


You neglect to seek My Will and guidance in your life, thus quenching your
spiritual thirst with the flow of blessings and the nurturing from My Holy Spirit!

If you are standing in your house unclothed when someone arrives;

You will run to put on clothing,


When My Holy Spirit knocks on your heart's door to convict you of your
backsliding ways, you do not even bother to cover your sins from My sight,
but stand still.

If you need comfort;

You will call on your friends to give you solace;


My Word goes unopened!

If you need a hug;

You will seek it from those you love,


You never come to Me in prayer for the loving touch of My Spirit.

I have a question for You to Answer, Now!

Are you SURE you really Love Me ???????

With All of My Love,


Credits: The above is an inspired poem written by Shirley Smith, my Pastor's Wife.
This beautiful work was presented 2/25/2001, during a Message by Pastor Gene Smith,
on the vitally emergent topic of Christian Priorities in the Church in need of refocusing:
Seeking the things First from the Lord Above, text being Colossians 3:1.

"If ye then be risen with Christ, seek those things which are above, where Christ sitteth on the right hand of God."
-Col 3:1


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