Spiritual Matters!
What must we really be ready for now? Christ's return!!
When will He come?  I don't know!!   Nor Do You! 
Here are two resources from the Bible:

Matt 24:44: 
"Therefore be ye also ready: for in such an hour
as ye think not the Son of man cometh." and:

Matt 25:13: 
"Watch therefore, for 
ye know neither the day nor the hour

wherein the Son of man cometh." 

God Bless, and have a great Day! Or Night!
We Need a First Spiritual National Priority such as:
Improving the Spiritual State of The Union! 
See this prayer from Joe Wright opening an assembly of the Kansas Senate!

God's Plan for Sharing:  
Best way is by personal testimony.
Another way is to send them to Find It Here!

In the beginning was The Word!
Online Bibles and Study Tools:
Online Bible and Scripture Resources International Bible Society Gateway / Translations-Multilingual
Blue Letter Bible Project
Bible Notes
Gutenberg; Digital Bible
E-Bible Now
E-Texts from Bible Foundation

Codex Sinaiticus

Spiritual Growth is Vitally Important !!

George Kirkpatrick's excellent  study e-books: "Vital Words to the body of Christ " from
New Foundation Ministries.  A great way to "renew your mind" through the Word of God.
Example: A great study on what "sin" and "abomination" mean, in the Word of God!
(To please God is to practice God's presence through obedience to Him, not to practice sin and abomination).

Through the Bible online lessons series: 82 online teaching books!

Study the Bible Maps- a neat site at BibleMap.org!

Study the Bible regularly!!

Sample study: reading plans:
Jesus Walk

Bible Study Tools
Bible Gateway

Online KJV 1611 with Apocrypha

The Country's A Moral Mess!!
That's Not New.. So....How Is It Fixed? There's An Answer!!!

"If My People, who are called by my name, will humble themselves, pray, seek my face,
and turn from their wicked ways, Then will I hear from Heaven, forgive their sin, 
and will heal their land."  2nd Chronicles 7:14

Why 9/11/2001  was bound to Happen:  An answer as to why God isn't blessing America

Great Spiritual Messages for the Seasons from Hobby Lobby!

Presidential Prayer Team!!!

"Choose You This Day Whom Ye Will Serve" Joshua 24:15 !!

Get Refocused !!! (Here's a letter you should read!)

My suggestion for a Christian Alphabet Glossary :)

One of my favorites: A "Physician's Prayer" found on a wall in the waiting room in my doctor's office!

Discussing why Prayer taken out of the Schools carries consequences!

Emergency Numbers to keep in your bible or close by!

We NEED more "Mean Moms" to raise Children in the Nurture
and Admonition of the Lord!  This goes for "Dads" too!!

"Little Ones" have the right to choose life that they don't want to lose!! One super video by Phil Keaggy :)  YOU 'GOTTA' SEE IT!!!

Parenting is something not to be taken lightly.   It must be done responsibly.  It must be planned only
by partners of opposite gender, properly united in a marriage relationship. Once it is decided to
commit to a parenting situation via starting and growing a family,  then the family is planned,
and proper resources are gathered for providing properly for the precious "addition".    Only after
these steps are taken,  should the process begin towards growing the family.   There are two situations
where it is not appropriate to have children:  having single status, and having insufficient resources.
(Even the married couples have to be sure they can afford to raise a family!)  There must be provisions
for the care of the children once they enter life.   One more point: If a couple desires not to have children,
then they should not "set the table" .. by engaging in activities conducive to pregnancies!  That is totally
irresponsible.  If however a woman becomes pregnant through carelessness, or by force, she shouldn't
destroy life by having an abortion!  Life begins at conception!!  Life is God's property!!
Here is a good site to keep well informed on the subject!: 
Stand up for pro life!

Good News!! The Resurrection Happened!!
Christ Arose!!! The following links lead the Visitor to sites where God's Word
may be Found on the Internet!!! Enjoy and discover the Truths of Eternity!. :-)

Do You Check In with Jesus??
"Checking In"

The Lily of the Valley is glorious!

"It's in the Valleys I learn"   a poem
Have you Tasted Jesus?
"Who will take the Son?"
Upload to God (In Prayer) and Get a Great Download in Blessings!
Invitation to His Birthday Party!!
Live the Walk!! an Unconditional Acceptance Lesson!!
God has a Billboard Ministry!
The BIBLE Gateway: Find Bible Info Fast!
Unbound Bible!

It's not ABILITY that God Seeks.. 
It's our
availability!   Here is a site about a person who made himself available: 
Inspirational Indeed!  Life without Limbs: 
Nick Vujicic

Christian Superlinks!
Christianity On Line
Newslinks From Zondervan
The Omnilist Of Christian Links Gold
Encyclopedia of Christian Links
The Bible Belt Of Internet America: SBC Net
The Baptist Faith & Message
Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
Sword of the LORD
Sermon Central! Powerful resource!
All-In-One Biblical Resource!
Church Leader Internet Portal
E-Text Bible

Television Evangelists: Preach It!
Billy Graham's Home Page: Man with a Mission!

George Beverly Shea
2/1/1909 - 4/16/2013  (104!!)
In Memoriam  Career Summary

In Touch Ministries: Charles Stanley
700 Club: CBN: Pat Roberson
CBN Now!
Kenneth Copeland Ministries
Jimmy Swaggart Ministries
Love Worth Finding: Adrian Rogers
Winning Walk Ministries: Dr.Ed Young
Cornerstone Ministries: John Hagee
Jack Hyles Home Page

Digital Analogy:
Our Programmer

God in your Work Place:
Workplace Wisdom
Christian Business at ChristiaNet

Other Spirit Filled Pages:
The Chapel Of  Prayer

Harvest Baptist Temple in Clyde, Ohio. Home of 90.5 FM "Clean Air" Gospel Radio
Moments with God
Arlene's Inspirational Heavenly Poems, Quotes, Verses, and Stories!
All in All
Tulsa Butterfly's Home page (Over 300 works, mostly spiritually centered) 
Tulsa Butterfly's Church page : A favorite page of mine!
"I AM" by Tulsa Butterfly
Building or Demolishing?
Angel Links Page
Houses Of Worship: Free Church Webs
Last Days Worldwatch
Second Coming
Blessings from "Mr Mom" site :)
Creation Flash Sequence: Worth the Wait!
"Till he Come" by Charles Haddon Spurgeon
Religious But Lost: A John R. Rice Sermon
How To Know You Are Going To Heaven: Dr. Curtis Hutson
Word Of Life Bible Institute
Daily Wisdom! Access to Father!
Revival Fires Magazine
Christians On Line
Churches At Work .... A World Vision Site
Crusaders For Christ: Bellevue Ohio Chapter
Stand In The Gap Chat: Promise Keepers Channel
Religion & The Founding Of The American Public
Sword Searcher Bible Study Program
Bible Software Packages: Complete
Mr Mom's Web Sites
Special Sauce
Free Stuff Christian Links
The Sounds of Easter
Tim Bode's Music Page: Liturgical Midi's
The Good Book is on the Web!
History Channel on Jerusalem
Promisekeepers Official Site
Christianity Net
Christian Pirate Radio
Kathy Hamm's Web Map
Sandy's Home Page for Angels
Simply Spiritual Page
Light Magazine
LifeLine: Long Distance Service!
Easter Links
Journey To Calvary
What if: Reflection on God
CARE Home Page
Christian Literature on The Net
KJV CyberBible from the C for C
Bible Gateway Search Engine
Blue Letter Bible Project
KJV Topiclist by C for C
Goshen's Topical Textbook on Resurrection
Images of Easter All About Families
Christian Webmaster Graphics Gallery
Christian Web Graphics Hotlist
Bible Gateway
CCN: Christian Community Network
All About Families Christian Newsletter
American Association of Christian Schools
A Christian's Political View is Conservative-Some Links
CCN: Christian Community Network
Grace Community Baptist Church
Acts 17:11 Studies In Christian Living
World Vision: Offering Hope!
Steve Larson's "Taking The High Road": Has A Testimony!
The Shroud of Turin
Find Christ In The Clouds (Check it out)
A Favorite Place Of A Friend Of Mine: Ursuline
In The Garden :)))
The Christian Coptic Orthodox Church Of Egypt
Anti-Abortion Christian Rescue National
Check Out the Congressional Record On Line Here!
Christian Computing Magazine
Net 153 Christian Magazine Home of "Pulpit Pieces"
Special Praise
Castle with a Window of Opportunity :)
Creation Lesson
For the Family
The Good Shepherd Homily

Special Presentations:
Interview With God-amazing, worth the visit!
Christian Couples Be Pure

Misc Historical:
King Solomon's Temple
Where It All Began: Virtual Jerusalem
JSource: Learn Of The Nation Of Israel Today
A very Pretty Church with snow scene :)))
Christians Working Without Money
Lost Books?  A Study

Bible Prophecy Corner

The Original Standard of any list of God's Laws!!
The Ten Commandments

Baptist Standard of Faith- know what a Baptist Believes:
Baptist Faith and Message

Give Thanks!
Time to Give Thanks

Internet Filter Software:
Rated PG

A Special Crafting:
The St John's Bible

Native Testimony:
Native Wind: Hear Native American Testimonies

Web Pundit With Faith:
Dr Laura

Music with a Ministry:
Greg Lockridge

Special Ministries For Youth Christian Leadership:
Royal Rangers Web: Reach. Teach, & Keep Boys For Christ
Sponsors Of The Royal Rangers: The Assemblies of God
St.Jerome School Of Walbridge, Ohio (WebMastered By A Fellow DBNPS "Nukeman")
"Enough Is Enough": A Site Claiming Safe Protection From Online Predation!!

Straight Pride is Cool!
Get Straight Pride!

A Special Ministry For The Single Christians:
Christian Connection Matchmaker

God Reaches The Prisons!!

If You Drive Trucks For A Living, You Are Not Alone!
Transport For Christ
God Can Minister With People Who Live On The Road
Christian Bikers' Network

Cult Analysis Challenge: Check if this URL leads to a cult!
World Transformation
Monks: Abbey of Gethsemani
A Reformer site
Esoterica Journal
Non-Canonical Resources
Spirituality and Health
Alphabetics in Prophecy?
Adherents: Know where the adherents for 4000 beliefs are!
Melting Pot Page: Belief Net

Make a Joyful Noise :)  Gospel Music Resources!
Lassen Tech Gospel Hymn Midi's!
DJ Champ Favorite Midi's (Hymns)
Electronic Hymnal
Christian Midi's
Midi Haven Gospel Music
"Home Remedy" :)  Old Time Appalachian Gospel Band!!
Majesty from Fremont Ohio, Ministry of Grace Community Church - Fundamental
We Gather Together
A Specially Talented Country Style Gospel Singer
The Cyber Hymnal: 2000 Hymns and Songs
Choir Members can Gather on line!
Church for me?
2nd Baptist: Simple Bible Believing, Gospel Preaching Will do :)
Communications from Net153 Christian Magazine
Sparrow in Flight: "Then I will Fly" A Special Poem

Singing in Church :)
My Favorite Tune
GREAT Patriotic/Spiritual Song (Lyrics by Jeff Steele), sung at my Church by "Majesty" :)
An excellent singer from Nashville devoted to ministering for the Lord these days: Renee Martin :)

Baptist Seminary Related:
Eastern Baptist Seminary's Dr William G. Barnes    The EB Seminary Page

Christian E-News:
Baptist Fire News

Mission Board:
NAMB    Volunteer Projects

Different but Important:
Joshua's Long Day vs NASA Computers
Univ of Virginia's Religious Movements Database

Some Line Art I made for the Glory of God
A sample of God's Glory in Nature :)))))

Active Church Games:
Eldrbarry's Group Games Guide

A sampling of very special sand castles :)
Jesus' head     Jesus crucified      The Last Supper

A special wintertime story applying the Christmas Spirit!

A precious soul on the first day of his life.. a grandson!
(A miracle of life is creating a new human being!)

Great Classic Church Art: Sistine Chapel.