Praise to The Lord
My dear Father, my Lord and Savior
My heart overflows with love for You
and my lips praise Your Glorious Name

Birds of the air praise You.
All creatures with wings praise You.
Fish of the sea praise You.
All crawling creatures praise You.
All of nature's Creations praise You.
Wind, rain, thunder and lightening praise You.
Sunrises Starting the Day praise You.
Sunsets Completing the Day praise You.
Clouds praise You.
Full moon, half moon, and quarter moon praise You.
All the stars in the sky praise You.
All the planets in the universe praise You.
All plants in the sea and on land praise You.
All sand and stones praise You.
All hills and valleys praise You.
All trees, shrubs, and bushes praise You.
All flowers and weeds praise You.
All creatures large and small praise You.
All men and women praise You.
All boys and girls praise You.
All babies praise You.
All our living breaths praise You.

A prayer in our heart, a song on our lips,
A clap of our hands and a dance with our feet praise You.
May our voices always speak Your praise.
May Your Word forever be in our hearts and minds,
Praise You my Lord.

My saved soul shall rest in You when You call me to everlasting life!
I shall join fellow Loved Ones who claimed you in Faith, and we shall Rejoice in You!
In Jesus Name, I pray, that my Praise of you shall continue always!!

Quote from a friend who wrote the above Praise:
"This was written down 5/28/00 at the U of DE campus at a bench with two squirrels keeping me company,
They danced and played and climbed a tree while I wrote this in Praise of my Lord!!"

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