Earth Sciences
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More Scientific Sites
Space Weather
Start Your Inquiries With The USGS!
NATURE: International Weekly Journal Of Science
NATURE: Neuroscience
NASA Astrobiology
NASA-Goddard Science Visualization Studies of the Biosphere
NASA Shuttle Radar Topography Mission
Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum    GPS!!
Earth & Sky Radio
Science For The Millenium
Remote Sensing Handbook
National Geographic Flat Maps Cartography
Natural History Museum
Explore The NSF: National Science Foundation!
Discovery Online: Many Topics On Earth Sciences
Smithsonian Institute "Revealing Things"
Explore Science (Uses Shockwave) Site
New Scientist E-Zine
The Doctor's Gifted Amateur Resources
Get The Earth's EPA Watershed Indicators!
Outside Online
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Time Keeping
Dillobits: YATS32 for adjusting system time!
Official US Time
Time: in the world!!

Earth 2010
Time Gateway
World Time Zone Map

Earth's Stinkiest Plant
Amorphophallus Titanum

Earth links
Ecology/ Environmental Links Page
ChemFinder Engine :)
Cascades USGS Volcano Observatory
National Geographic Home Page!
Volcano World: Educational Site
PBS Grand Canyon Special
Volcano Information Resources Links
Volcano Glossary!
Montserrat Info Archives
Sandia Labs' 1-km Comet Disaster Scenerio is Complete!
Sites Alive! Students on Expeditions!
Earth Observing System
The Complete Stonehenge
Earth Sciences/Hydrologic Physics Acronym List
Earth Sciences/Hydrologic Glossary List
Franklin Institute Science Museum ("BTDT")
Protect Your Earth From Global Warming
Genome Sequence Database: DNA Genetics!
Center For Advanced Aviation System Development
Aviation Links of the FAA
WWW Virtual Library of Aviation
Earth Data Collection Centers Links
GCDIS Global Change Scientific Studies
EPA Global Warming site
Radar Sat: Unique Events Coverage
Windows 2000: Live Cams All over The World!
Dinosaurs In The Dunes: Hunting The Gobi
Greater Yellowstone Photo Gallery
Chem Web: Things & People "Chemical"
Science News On Line
Whole Earth Access to Tools
90 Second Naturalist
Discover Archaeology

Navy Oceanography
Mariana Trench - Deepest water!!

Useful Websites Regarding Measurements
Conversion Tables, Physical Constants, and Navigation
Nanotechnology: The New Wave of Computer

Inside Earth: Cave Exploration
Spelio Links Page (~400 links)
Vulcanospeliology Page: Lava Tubes!
Sherry Mayo's Cave Page
Sherry Mayo's Awesome Cave Links!
Caves of New Mexico
National Speliological Society
Biospeliology: Biology of Caves,etc
International Subterranian Heritage Assoc.
USA Long Cave Listing
Concerning Carlsbad Caverns
Virtual Cave: Knowledge Archive
Mark McSherry's Irish Caving Page
National Geographic Chiquibul Cave Tour
Virtual Cave

Gems / Minerals
Gem of an Electronic Field Trip

Mountains & Everest
MtEverest.Com: The Link Site!
Everest 2000
Everest 2001: A Blind Man conquered Everest Everest  98 was a Success
Mount Everest 99
Everest Millenium
Lost on Everest: A Nova Adventure
The Mountain Zone
MountainZone Main Everest Site
Yahoo Everest Links
Nepal Photographs
Himalayas: Where Earth Meets Sky
ATT Health Management: Everest Project
Nova Online: Alive On Everest
Mt Rainier National Park
British American Lightweight Everest Expedition

Seismology Links Page
USGS National Earthquake Center
Another USGS Earthquake / Hazards Page
U of Tokyo Earthquake Research Institute

Antarctica / Arctic Webs: 
Greenpeace Antarctica Tour 1997
Bottom of the World: Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station
Top of the World: Northwest Passage Web!
Antarctic Cooperative Research Center
International Antarctic Center
Iridium Ice Trek: Ski to the South Pole and Back!
British Antarctic Survey
National Snow And Ice Data Center
Report On The Northern Larsen Ice Shelf
"Live" (Almost) from Antarctica
National Science Foundation site on Antarctica
Virtual Tour: Mc Murdo Station
Secrets of the Ice   Expedition of Antarctica
NASA Arctic Theme page

Twister / Tornado Webs
Tornado Project On-Line
The Fujita Scale of Tornado Strength (There's an F6!!)
Scientific American Exploration of the Tornado
All You wanted to know about Tornadoes(USA Today)
Ask Jack FAQ on Tornadoes (USA Today)
Torro: Tornado and Storm Research Organization
Torro Tornado Intensity Scale (Not Fujita's!)
Golden Anniversary Of Tornado Forecasting
Nature's Most Violent Storms: NOAA
Storm Prediction Center
Creatures Of The Earth

Weather Webs

Inventions And Creative Science 
The Lemelson-MIT Awards Program
The First: The Wright Bros.
Profiles In Science

Pyrotechnics on Earth
Desert Blast
Desert Blast Home Page being remodeled
KaBooom from Wired
Desert Blast from UfoMind 1996 Archives

Top 20 Engineering Feats of the 20th Century
All about Snow Crystals