Stephen Hawking Theoretical Physicist
"Today's Einstein" in my mind. Here are
Relevant Links!
General Sites:
Nick Donaldson's Hawking Page
Erin Combs' Tour Though The Mind Of Stephen Hawking
See The New "Universe"Web!!!
Hawkings Profile On WNET

Stephen Hawkings Workplace: Cambridge University:
Dept of Applied Mathamatics And Theoretical Physics
An Article On Hawkings as Smartest In The World
Stephen Hawkings' Home Page! A Special Inspiration!
His "Beginning Of Time" Lecture
His Words On How He Deals With Disability (ALS)
His Computer Interfaces For Communications
Article: Awakening The Scientist In All Of Us
Life In The Universe
A Student Of His: Marika

Perhaps the most important thing to note is that there will be a new web address:  within a few weeks.

His recommendation for answering Science Questions:
Science Net

Fascinating Millennium Interview with Hawkings at Cambridge, 
by Larry King Live Dec 25, 1999: The Transcript from CNN!  
Buy the video from CNN!    


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