Operation Sail 2000 Stats

More than 180 tall ships from around the world are gathered in New York for a weeklong July 4 maritime festival. 

Route Map

Among the many statistics associated with Operation Sail 2000:

70,000 -- Total number of boats expected
50,000 -- Number of spectator vessels
180      -- Tall ships and classic sailing boats
50        -- Nations with tall ships
28,000 -- Visiting U.S. and international seamen and women
24        -- Modern warships in International Naval Review
13        -- Navies in Naval Review
10,000 -- U.S. and international military personnel in Naval Review
11 miles-- Length of Naval Review
28,800  -- Police officers on duty on Fourth of July
12,000  -- Police officers on OpSail 2000 duty
2,500    -- U.S. Coast Guard members on OpSail 2000 duty
200       -- Coast Guard small boats and cutters deployed for OpSail


USCG List of participating Tall Ships:

Amerigo Vespucci, Italy, 330-feet -- 
This full-rigged ship is named for the great explorer and cartographer of the 17th century. With triple decks 
indicated by painted stripes, Amerigo Vespucci is used to train junior officers of the Italian Navy. 
Docking: Norfolk.

Bat'kivshchyna, Ukraine, 89-feet -- 
This schooner is part of the Discover Ukraine expedition which is promoting the country of Ukraine to the world. 
Its name means ``Motherland.''   Docking: Great Bridge Lock in Chesapeake.

Calfornian, USA, 140-feet -- 
Built by the Nautical Heritage Society at Spanish Landing, San Diego and launched in 1984, this topsail schooner
is a full-scale re-creation of the first cutter assigned to the Californian coast in the 19th century. 
Adopted by: Berkley/Campostella Early Childhood Center in Norfolk.   Docking: Norfolk.

Capitan Miranda, Uruguay, 205-feet -- 
Launched in Spain in 1930, the staysail schooner served first as a cargo vessel and later as a hydrographic 
survey ship and sail training vessel in Uruguay's navy. Adopted by: Park View Elementary School and 
Woodrow Wilson High School, both in Portsmouth.  Docking: Norfolk.

Cisne Branco, Brazil, 275-feet -- 
The newest tall ship in the world, it is used for Navy sail training. Adopted by: Cape Henry Rotary Club 
and Young Park Elementary School in Norfolk.  Docking: Norfolk.

Dar Mlodziezy, Poland, 357-feet -- 
Built in 1982, the ship's name means ``gift of the children.'' It was constructed in part through the contributions 
of elementary school children in the 1960s and 1970s. It is the flagship of the Merchant Marine Academy in 
Gdynia, Poland. Adopted by: Oceanair Elementary School in Norfolk.  Docking: Norfolk.

Dewarutji, Indonesia, 191-feet -- 
This barquentine, built in 1952, is fully air-conditioned and made of steel. The name means ``ruler and patron 
of the sea.'' Adopted by: Portsmouth Museums and Hertitage High School in Newport News. Docking: Portsmouth.

USCG Eagle, USA, 295-feet -- 
Built in 1936, the Eagle is the flagship of the Coast Guard Academy and train Coast Guard recruits in 
the fundamentals of seamanship.  Docking: Norfolk.

Esmeralda, Chile, 371-feet -- 
Completed in 1954, the elegant, four-masted barquentine is the pride of the Chilean navy. 
Adopted by: James Monroe Elementary School in Norfolk.  Docking: Norfolk.

Fair Jeanne, Canada, 120'-feet -- Built in 1982, the brigantine is a floating classroom and sail training 
vessel in the fleet of Bytown Brigantine Inc., of Ontario. Adopted by: St. John's Episcopal Church in Norfolk.
Docking: Norfolk.

Gazela of Philadelphia, USA, 178-feet -- 
Built in Portugal in 1883, the former fishing vessel is the oldest wooden square rigger still in active service. 
Adopted by: Chesapeake Bay Academy in Virginia Beach.  Docking: Norfolk.

Gloria, Colombia, 249-feet -- 
Built in 1968, this barque serves to train future officers of the Colombian navy. Adopted by: 
Tidewater Community College.   Docking: Norfolk.

Gorch Fock, Germany, 295-feet -- 
Built in 1958, this barque is testament to Germany's shipbuilding and sailing heritage. It was named for 
popular sea-story writer Hans Kinau, who wrote under the pen name Gorch Fock. STIHL is sponsoring 
the ship's visit. Adopted by: Norfolk Collegiate School in Norfolk.  Docking: Norfolk.

Guayas, Ecuador, 264-feet -- 
Built in 1977, the steel-hulled barque plays an essential role in the Ecuadorian navy's philosophy of using 
sail training to instill teamwork in young sailors. Adopted by: Chesterfield Academy in Norfolk. Docking: Norfolk.

Juan Sebastian de Elcano, Spain, 370-feet -- 
This topsail schooner is the sail training ship for midshipmen and ensigns of the Spanish navy. Built in 1927, 
it is a sister ship of Esmeralda, built more than 25 years later. Adopted by: Roberts Park School, 
Bowling Park Elementary and Virginia Wesleyan College, all in Norfolk.  Docking: Norfolk.

Kalmar Nyckel, USA, 116-feet -- 
Commissioned in 1998, Kalmar Nyckel is a replica of the Swedish-owned ship that brought the first permanent 
European settlers to the Delaware Valley in 1638. Today, she serves as Delaware's sea-going Ambassador 
of Good Will. Adopted by: Epes, Hilton and Hidenwood elementary schools in Newport News. Docking: Hampton.

Kruzenshtern, Russia, 376-feet -- 
A four-masted barque built in 1926, Kruzenshtem is the second largest tall ship still sailing. 
She is home ported in St. Petersburg, Russia.  Docking: Norfolk.

Lycia, Italy, 60-feet -- 
Built completely of wood, this ocean cutter carries a crew of 10. Adopted by: Point Option High School in 
Newport News.  Docking: Norfolk.

MEKA II, USA, 60-feet--
Adopted by Sanford and Briarfield elementary schools in Newport News and Merrimack Elementary in Hampton.
Docking: Hampton.

Mir, Russia, 367-feet -- 
Built in 1987, Mir is one of five sister ships to Dar Mlodziezy of Poland. ``Mir'' is the Russian word for ``peace.'' 
The ship operates from the Marine Engineering College of St. Petersburg. Adopted by: the Propeller Club 
of Norfolk and Maury High School in Norfolk.  Docking: Norfolk.

Picton Castle, Canada, 200-feet -- 
This square-rigged barque's mission is deep-ocean voyaging and sail training. She was completely overhauled 
and outfitted for tropical ocean voyaging as a training ship in a $2 million renovation in 1996- 97. Adopted by: 
Norfolk Sunrise Rotary Club in Virginia Beach and Churehland Elementary School in Portsmouth. 
Docking: Portsmouth.

Pogoria, Poland, 131-feet -- 
Flagship for the Polish Sail Training Association in Gdansk, this barquentine was originally built for the Steel Workers 
Union in 1980 and was the first completed design for a square-rigger by Polish naval architect Zygmunt Choren. 
Adopted by: Lindenwood Elementary in Norfolk.  Docking: Norfolk.

Pride of Baltimore, USA, 170-feet -- 
Built in 1988 to the lines of a 19th Century Baltimore clipper, the ship sails as an ambassador for Maryland, 
its owner, and Baltimore. Adopted by: Willard Model Elementary School and the Lafayette Civic League, in Norfolk.
Docking: Norfolk.

Sagres II, Portugal, 293-feet -- 
Sister to Eagle and Gorch Fork II, this barque was captured by the United States in 1945 and handed over to 
Brazil in 1948. It was then purchased by Portugal in 1962. Adopted by: Hampton Roads Academy in Newport News.
Docking: Norfolk.

Simon Bolivar, Venezuela, 270-feet -- 
Built in 1980, Simon Bolivar was named for the ``great liberator,'' a key figure in bringing independence to Colombia,
Ecuador, Panama, Peru and Venezuela. Adopted by: Cape Henry Collegiate in Virginia Beach. Docking: Norfolk.

Susan Constant, USA, 116-feet -- 
Virginia's flagship is a replica of the ship that, along with Godspeed and Discovery, carried settlers to the New World 
where the established the first permanent Engish settlement in 1607 at Jamestown. Adopted by: Kingston Elementary 
School in Virginia Beach and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in Norfolk.  Docking: Norfolk.

Victory Chimes, USA, 170-feet -- 
Built in 1900, the schooner is built of Georgia pine, live oak (Quercus Virginia) and Delaware oak. It was carried 
lumber up and down the Chesapeake Bay. Adopted by: Campostella and Ocean View elementary schools in Norfolk.
Docking: Norfolk.

Source: USCG

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