Sailing And Tall Ships
A Few Words of Introduction
Hello! I have a lot of Sentimental interest in Tall Ships and Sailboats in general.  In my youth, 
I went to a Tall Ship show in Philadelphia.  I was able to directly board quite a few of these fine 
old sailing ships.  I loved looking them over! The view of all those rigging lines and large masts
and spars as I toured the dockside rows of tall ships was one I'll never forget!! I hope you enjoy 
the sites linked below, which cover comprehensively the subjects of tall ships and sailboats!
Sailing has often been a pleasure that my Father and I shared as a "sport in common" as I grew up. 
We would go on many an outing where we would take his sailboat out for a "cruise" with only the 
wind to power his craft. Sometimes on longer trips,  we would bring our families. Sailing is a wonderful
experience on water: It is very quiet, relaxing and invigorating! It is the natural way to cross a body 
of water! It takes a little cunning and skill to maneuver sails and rigging when the wind you have to 
work with does not promote a direct wind driven course of direction. Once the sail plan has been 
successfully carried out, you are underway to your destination! And that's no "Jibe". :-) 
Because of my Dad's love for sailing, and his great interest and devotion in seeing to it that I had 
many opportunities to learn and practice sailing, I have dedicated this Web Site to my Dad! :-)

Over the years, my Dad has owned and sailed some neat sailboats! The types we had were: 
Lightning, Columbia34, Boston Whaler, and the below pictured fantastic sailboat-yacht. 
"Lady Alice", my Dad's absolute favorite sailboats, was a 41' Islander ketch-rigged sailboat. 
We sailed her mostly over the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland. It was fittingly named after my 
Dads's wife Alice, (my mom) who is very definitively a Great Lady :-) The boat was sold to a 
happy sailor, and certainly must be active somewhere, gracing each body of water -lake or ocean- 
through which it navigates! Here's a sampling of my family's "Good Times on Water"!

The Lady Alice
41' Islander

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Bluenose II: a famous Nova Scotia Schooner

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The Biggest Sailing Ship in the World:
"Royal Clipper" 439 ft long,  5 masts 197 FT high! 42 sails,  54000 SQ Ft of sail!

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Picton Castle
The Log Of The Picton Castle   

Follow the deep-ocean voyaging and training ship, Picton Castle, during her 
circumnavigation of the globe.

The Barque Picton Castle's Return!
(Posted with express permission from the Picton Castle Director of Information)
The Picton Castle seen in the Nationl Geographic Adventure Magazine

article for Summer 1999: "500 Days before the Mast"

Some Ship Rigging Information from my 1911 Copy of "Two Years Before the Mast"

Get a FREE download of "Two Years Before the Mast" 
by Richard Henry Dana, 1840:

Read it here, too!

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A favorite picture:  U.S. President JFK, sailor, from Hugh Sidey's Presidential Time Portraits!

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