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Pro Football
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Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio
MNF: Monday Night Football
Dick Butkus Football Network
ESPN All Sports Web
In The Red Zone: by Joe "Cool" Montana Hall of Fame inductee in 2000
Play Football: Resource for "kids"
ESPN List of Football Hall of Fame members
Getting Real Rough at XFL
Some Helmet History
All Pro Dads

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Baseball Time Machine
Some Favorite Babe Ruth Pics
Baseball Links Site
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NBA History: Wilt Chamberlain  
Stilt, Dipper, the only 100 Points / Game man!
World's Tallest (8'-0") used to play BB, does not have to jump to dunk a BB
More Tall Famous People


MLSNET: Major League Soccer Official Site
NPSL: National Professional Soccer League "Unofficial Home"
Fifa Soccer
Soccer in the Streets
Robo Cup World Soccer Challenge

On-Line Lacrosse Magazine
All Things Lacrosse!

US Open Official Website (Hosted by IBM)
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US Professional Tennis Registry
Wimbledon Official Tennis Site
Tennis Joint (My Bro Henry is 2nd in ranking there!)
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LPGA Ladies' Professional Golf Association
USGA.Org: United States Golf Association
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Drop Zones: Skydiving
Skydiver's Enclave

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Outdoor Explorer
National Sports Center for the Disabled
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Extreme Sporting!
Ben's Extreme Sports Page
Extreme Sports POD
Tahoe Extreme Sports Camp!
Trampoline Wrestling Association
Skateboard Science
Made it!!!!  Tori Mulden is 1st to cross the Atlantic on a Rowboat!!!: See the boat here!
Women Outdoors
Ace Adventure Center! Rafting Kayaking!
Deep Sea Diving Helmets
On The Subject Of "Surfing" On Surfing!

Surfing Bus
SkyDiving at Smoky Mountains
Dress For The Active! From The Rocky Mountain Connection!
Aikido: Mind Body and Modem!
Martial Arts Encyclopedia
Martial Info
Beginning Martial Arts
Serious Sports
Definition of Champion
What do you want to play?  Try Sports!
Z-Team Amateur Sports Forum
Hot Boat
Road Peace!
The Winter Games Source: Britannica!
GORP: Great Outdoor Recreation Page
Want Outdoor   Activities? Take A Trip To The "Go Guide"!
Great Outdoors Winter Sports Page
Recreation Opportunities On Federal Land
Expedition News
The Ultimate Challenger
Sports Illustrated Magazine!
Athlete Network
BackPacker! All Things Hiking, Etc!
Wilderness Adventures
Grand Canyon Information
Lightweight Backpacking
The Great Outdoors Web
Rodale's Scuba Diving E-Zine

Play Wall Street Sports And "Invest!"
Escaping To Nature! Hiking Manual!
Elements of an Avalanche by Nova OnLine
Snow Sense: Safety in the Backcountry by Nova OnLine
Hypothermia and Cold Weather Injuries by Rick Curtis
Heat Related Illness and Fluid Balance by Rick Curtis
Outdoor Resources on the Internet by Princeton Univ.
Where the Outdoor Programs are on the Internet
Outdoor Action Program of Princeton University!
National Council on Fireworks Safety
Boating & Sailing MegaLinks by Autonomy Publishing
On-Line Angler! 750+ pages of Fishing Info!
Antique Fishing Lures
Fly Fisherman's Online Network
Encyclopedia Brittanica Olympic Sports Record
Peace Run: A Shared American Experence
Freestyle Frisbee Page
Nihon Sumo Kyokai

Running On-Line
Fitness On Line
Sneaker Nation
Real Runner

Repetitive Stress Injury Links:
RSI-Repetitive Stress Injury
Typing Injury FAQ
US News: Is Your Mouse a Trap?
Ergonomics Page
Cornell Ergonomics Web
Special Sports And Science Website!
Indoor "Sports" On Webcam :)
WebShots Screen Saver And Picture Gallery!
Sky Diving!
SkyDiving Archives

Are You A Pinball  Wizard?
World Pinball Directory

Funny Sports Web
Bad Golf Monthly
Baby Center Sports Calendar Calculator: Will new baby being born Interfere with your
TV Sporting agenda????
Find out HERE!
Sports Cliches: Got Insomnia?? Go Here!!

Living Extremely *Caution: Parental Discretion Advised!*
Extreme Sports Network
Extreme Sports Web
To-The-Max Sports
Ryan And Justin's Extreme Sports Page
ZDNet's Extreme Sports Page
Yahoo's Extreme Sports Locator

Extreme Sports Humor
Extreme on a small level, but very hazardous for participants!!

For The Record
Guinesss Book Of World Records

Exercise Resources :)
Snap Health Guide to Strength Training
Women's Sports Foundation: "Get Fit Now"

Delivering to you the Race Using Dogsleds : Itiderod!!
Iditarod Home Page

Scientific Sports
Harvard Science Review

Fishing Resource!
Bass fishing resources
Ken Schultz Angling

Extreme Altitude Climbing!
Highest Mountain: Everest - First Summitted by Sir Edmund Hillary in 1953.

Climber Websites:
Brian Dickenson- author of Blind Descent.  GREAT READ!!
Ed Viesturs - First US Climber to summit all fourteen 8000+ meter peaks!
Peter Breashears - PBS Interview - he IMAX Camera master of mountain photography.  His book: Into Thin Air.