Tallest Famous Folks!
Aurangzeb Khan 8'-0" is the Tallest Alive in Y2K!

Other Giants: Source: Heights of Famous People "Dan's World":
Robert Pershing Wadlow,    
8'-11.1"(2.72m), 490#,  1918-1940 The Tallest Ever!
Eddie Carmel (movie: The Brain that Wouldn't Die) 8'9" [2.67m]
Johann Svarfdaelingur/Petursson (Iceland's tallest, movie: Carny, died '84) 8'8" [2.64m]
Jack Earle (1924 movie: Jack & the Beanstalk) 8'6-1/2" [2.60m]
Loushkin 8'5"
Trijntje Keever (1616-33, possibly tallest woman ever) 8'4.4" [2.55m]
Marianne Wedhe (1866-84, Germany) 8'3.6" [2.53m] (at 16 yrs.)
Charles O'Brien (or Byrne) (The Irish Giant, died 1783) 8'4" [2.49m]
Edouard Beaupre (tallest Canadian in history) 8'2", 400# [2.489m]
Zeng Jinlian (tallest woman this century, China, died on Feb. 13, '82 at 17yrs) 8'1-3/4" [2.482m]
Suleiman Ali Nashnush (tallest basketball player ever, Libyan team) 8'0-1/2" [2.45m]
Aurangzeb Kahn (Tallest living human, Barnum & Bailey Circus, Sterling & Reid Circus) 8'0" [2.44m]  Local News
Anna Swan & Captain Bates (Tallest married couple ever) 7'11.5"? [2.425m] (other source: 7'5-1/2" & 7'2-1/2")
Chang Woo Gow (Chinese giant: 1841-1893) 7'11" [2.41m]
George Augur (Barnum & Baily Circus 1844) "nearly" 8'0"
Michael Ri (N. Korean basketball player) 7'8-1/2" [2.35m]
Haji Mohammad Alam Channa 7'7-1/4"
Sandy Allen (world's tallest woman) 7'7-1/4" [2.32m]
Gheorghe Muresan (tallest nba player, movie: My Giant) 7'7" [2.31m]
Lock Martin ("Gort"-Day The Earth Stood Still) 7'7"
Jorge Gonzales (wrestler "Giant Gonzales") 7'7"
Manute Bol (nba) 7'6-13/16"
Henry Hite (movie: Monster-a-Go Go) 7'6-3/4" [2.305m]
Shawn Bradley (nba) 7'6" [2.29m]
Andy Charlton (Western New Mexico University basketball player, 1998) 7'6"
Yao Ming (19 yr old Chinese basketball player) 7'6"
Jerry Sokoloski (Canada's tallest basketball player at 15yrs old & still growing) 7'4" [2.24m]
Rik Smits (nba) 7'4"
Andre The Giant (deceased pro wrestler, actor) 7'4"
Peter Mayhew "Chewbacca" 7'3" [2.21m]
Richard Kiel ("Jaws"-Spy Who Loved Me) 7'2" [2.18m]
Paul Wright "The Giant" (wrestler) 7'2"
Kevin Hall (Predator, Harry & the Hendersons) 7'2"
Malgorzata "Margo" Dydek (tallest wnba player) 7'2" nba
Kareem Abdul Jabbar (nba legend) 7'2"
Wilt Chamberlain (late great nba legend) 7'1" [2.16m]
Shaquille O'Neal (nba, actor, rap singer) 7'1"
Carel Struycken (movie: Addams Family) 7'0"
Tiny Ron (movies: Ace Ventura, Naked Gun) 7'0"

A Special Category for Tallest in my Family Circle:)
George Reese (Insurance Professional & Husband of my Sister)  6'6"

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