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STOP the WTO!!
Keep up with the Big Picture!! See International Affairs!
International Affairs WWW Virtual Library
Foreign Relations History
European Governments On Line!

Partisanship In Government: Political Parties:
Be an E-Champion!

A Quote on Bi-Partisanship from the FIRST SEAL

My Favorite Democrat is long <Gone> but left his mark!!
FDR Library Document Archives
Democratic National Committee

U.S. Campaign Some Historicals
More Debates including past debates!
Gov George W. Bush  (For those who liked his Daddy before the Liberal Clintons got Perot's Help)
Watch out for the Electoral College!
Speak Out!!
Figure out the Electoral Totals Yourself!!
History and Politics Out Loud

WJCPL:  Ex-Presidential Reading Area - New Site; building not up Arkansas yet

Leader of the Free World!  (Moment #1 is Jan 20, 2001 @ 12:01)
George W. Bush; 43rd U.S. President,  Sworn in!!

Protester Corner: Techno Activism:
Ramsey Clark's International Action Center
Independent media Center
Zapatista National Liberation

Cyber Parties:
Jackie Strike

Live News of Government:
C-Span's "Capital Questions"

FirstGov.com      or    First Gov.gov
Presidential Prayer team: The Best Connections

Make Contact with Politicians!
Tell Them Now e-mail interface!

Try To be Ethical:
The Ethics Connection
Election Integrity 2000
Council for Government Reform
Judicial Watch!  The Pulse of Politics
Human Rights is an Issue always in need of Championship
Public Campaign: Reform Politics
50 States Project on Funding Decisions
Human Rights Watch
Human Rights Report  2000
Public Integrity Gateway
Pure Politics
Open Secrets
Move On away from Soft Money Politics!
Common Cause
Foundation for Better LIfe

What's Politics without Polling?
Polling Report.com
U.S. Census Bureau
Census 2000: Warning; it's NOSY, more than a count!
American Census Factfinder
Court of Public Opinion: Give it and get it here at "Portrait of America"
Zogby" Professional Polling Service

When It's Election Time-Be Informed:
Web White & Blue Home page
U. S. A. Democracy
Congress Vote: a Forum
Alternative 2000 Vote
Freedom Channel Political Videos on Demand
Sobering Political Reality
Cyber State of the Union
Election Search
Get Registered!!
Freedom Channel Almanac of American Politics 2000
Freedom Channel!
Presidentially Trivial
Presidential Election History

Charity Begins at Home Dept:
Charitable Choices

The Role of Campaign Funding & Money in Politics:
Soft Money Laudromat
Politics.com Money site
Dirty Money Campaigning
Soft Money Laundromat
Greedy TV
Mojo Top 50 Donors

National Landmark Preservation Resource:
National Trust for Historic Preservation

Mostly Conservative :)
CDT: Digital Democracy!
Pledge the Pledge!

A Primer On Power; 48 Laws!!
The 48 Laws Of Power, by Robert Greene & Joost Elffers

Something Special
Do It Yourself Congressional Investigation Kit
Public Agenda Online
Vote On Line? Petition and Sign Up!
U.S. History Org
Child Stats.Gov
Youth e-Vote: Register There!!
First Ladies' Library
Friend with GWB 2000
Learn to talk in public: Toastmasters
Republican Chick
Center on Budget and Policy Priorities
Why 9/11 was allowed to happen: Don't just blame all of  it on Terrorism!!!

Where has America's Foundation gone?
Here is a clue of what we are missing today:
Washington's First Thanksgiving Proclamation
First Prayer in Congress

Other Government Related Links:
National Archives And Records Administration
Fed Buzz
The United States Constitution: Our Standard
Another Great Constitution Page
Liberty Library of Constitutional Classics
The Declaration of Independence
See A Real Good Likeness of The Declaration!
What Made the Colonists So Mad? A Great Listing!
Maryland Legislative Webcast
National Capital Parks Landmarks
The Gettysburg Address/Emancipation Proclamation
The Federalist Conservative Journal Of Record
Common Conservative E-Zine
Clairmont Institute
Presidential Archives: Net Colony

Governmental Links:
United States Government Manual
Congressional Directory, 106th Congress
U.S. House Of Representatives
U.S. Senate     Senate Research Center!
Government Budget for 2001
Virtual Tour of the Capitol Building
Congresman Gillmor's Houseweb
Frequently Used Federal Websites
Nanogirls' Gov't Links  Why Not?  :)
Congressional Accountability Project
Office Of The Clerk: Legislative Info
Dept Of Commerce
Center for Strategic and International Studies : U.S. Thinktank!
CIA World Factbook
U.S. Info Agency : for Foreign Interests
FY2000 Federal Budget (OMB)
GovResources.com FED & State
Google Government Resources Finder
Political Info & Govt Resources: Politics and Policy
Kid's Government Info

Census Stats

Miscellaneous Politics:
Politics On Line
Kiosk Geopolitics Journal
Net Politics Group
'96 Presidential Election Website Archives
Citizen Direct: E-Mail Interface
Meet The Mayors!
The Net Wins Its First Election!
Hooyah! A Navy SEAL Makes Governor!!!!
Mindshare Internet Campaigns
U.S. Foreign Policy Archive!
The Foreign Wire International News
Voters Telecommunications Watch
The Kings Of Spook: CIA
CIA Kid's Page: Geeez
EUROPARL: New Government, Same Money, 11 Nations!
Europa: European Commission
All About The Euro
United Nations  UNSCOM (Special Commission)
UN Human Rights: For The Record
All-Politics! What's Happening in Washington
Ad Critic
Pop Politics
Inaugural memories
The Nation
Tolerance Movement

                  Oh!! BTW!!!:
It's the Job of All Conservatives to Watch The
Moves of the LIBERAL-IN-CHIEF in Action
And If Possible Through United Political Strength:
Work Effectively To Minimize The Consequences!
Non-Partisan Center For Responsive Politics
ReInventing Government
The PBS Democracy Project

Rush Speaks for Himself, Some Sites Do It for Him:

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Rush is Right
Rush's Net Articles And Resources
Bogus News Network A Recent Favorite Of Rush

A forum for Conservative Women:

Still More Internet Sources for Conservativism:
Conservative News Service
National Review
Center For Responsive Politics
Free Market Net: International Libertarian Web
Conservative Caucus
Intellectual Capital: A Thinker Site
Republican Incendiary Front Page

Alexis de Tocqueville's Tour: Exploring Democracy in America
Berkeley Internet Conections Conservative
Free Republic Forum
New Republic Magazine
Congressional Quarterly
Conservative Generation X
DC Page
Town Hall
Political Wag Discussion Group
Heritage Foundation
Policy Review E-Zine
Policy.com : Policy Community On-Line
Frontiers of Freedom Institute Policy Group
Religion And The Founding Of The American Republic
Family Research Council
Progress And Freedom Foundation
American Conservative Union (Not the ACLU!)
The Bradley Foundation
American Association of Christian Schools
Philadelphia Society
Cato Institute
Young America's Foundation
Leadership Institute
Reason Foundation
Federalist Society
Ronald Reagan Home Page
Start Your Own Totalitarian Micronation!

Important Issues
SEALbtn2.jpg (3146 bytes)  
"American Dream, What is it?"  Read these stirring words from a SEAL!!

Famous Speeches in Politics
Sir Winston Churchill
The Kennedy Speeches

More Resources
Perjury Changes Things!
The Idealist: Get Organized!
IFEX Alert Service
Legislative Action Center
Campaign Web Review! Study Political Usage Of the Web
Here's A Get-Things-Done Web With 14,000 Organizations
Write Your Congress, Starting Here!
Clinton's Legal Defense Fund Database
Address Directory For The Politicians Of The World
Social Security Privatization!
Universal Declaration Of Human Rights
FCC Dockets for Internet Charges for Phone Usage!
Take The First Amendment Pledge!
The Drudge Report! Find any News Sources!
Political Access Web : The Happenings In America
Citizens Against Government Waste
National Priorities Project
Congressional Quarterly
Salon Magazine
Peace Fire: Teens Against Internet Censorship
Tobacco Documents Released to The Public!
Kids Campaigns: Votes for the Future
Project Vote Smart: Detailed Candidate Data
Get Involved And Vote!!!!
Vote Net: Who's Happening in what campaign
League Of Woman Voters
Women's Voting Guide: Complete Voting Records Database!
The Year 2000 Presidential Campaign
Green Left Weekly!

Polling report! Politics, Business, Society
Freedom Forum On Line!
The History Channel's Great Speeches Collection
Political Resources On The Net!
All Politics.Com
Personal Financial Disclosure Reports On Line!
National WhistleBlowers
Patriot News
Wake-up Call: Mother Jones Interactive
The Presidents: Speeches
A Teddy Rooosevelt Quotes Page
US Senator Spencer Abraham's Hi Tech Site
National Charities Info Bureau
The Challenge Of Democracy
Federal Find-It Site: The Federal Gateway
This Isn't Happening Yet: "Republic Of Texas"
Texas Independence E-Zine
Digital Freedom Network
Think: Opinion & Editorials :))
Whitehouse Project
Political Ad Archives

Politician With The "Right Stuff"
John Glenn's Home Page He's Back to Earth!
Quotes from the News: World New York

Politics Is Often Humorous

Ross Perot's Corner: The Reform Party:
Perot 2000
Ross Perot For President

News Releases Agency:
DP Directory

British Government:
10 Downing Street: PM History

Legalistic Liberalism:
The Arm Of The ACLU on Civic Morality
ACLU: Main Seat of Liberalistic Legal Prestidigitation
How Free is the Press?

Politics in My Past!!
Nightscribe at age 10 at a Political Hughes for NJ Governor Fundraiser :)

That day on July 4, 1776
Freedom is never Free!!
Declaration of Independence resources