Welcome to my Military Section!
Dedicated to the Men who Defend America in
All sorts of ways: Conventional or Otherwise!!

For Valor Supreme: The Congressional Medal of Honor

Special Ops Teams: First To Cross Enemy Lines!!!
Navy SEALs Could be The World's Toughest Fighters, Period!
The #1 Special Operations Website
Another interesting SPECWAR Site!
The "Best of The Rest"
The Navy Corpsmen: Military Healers!

Air Support:
US.AF AC-119 Gunships

Aviation links

"What's His Rank??"Telling Them Apart:
Insignia Resources

How to depict Military Organization Symbols!
SSMC:  Symbology Standards Management Committee

Career Gateways for Veterans!
Green - Gray
Corps Careers

Dedicated to Serve And Defend:
Major Branches of The US Military
Milnet Central
Military DOD Almanac
Top Brass

Military Work Ethic that may be lost today:
Basic Rules for Doing Your Job by Adm HG Rickover
My site on Adm Rickover, Father of the Nuclear Navy

Find boats, ships, vessels anywhere at sea with Marine Traffic Com!!

Special Military Sites:

Bombing of Japan- from the US Air in WW II-real footage documentary, the battle ending in the LAST Bomb dropped!

Accepting the soldier back into the family
Hans Halberstadt: Photographer of Military Action!
Planes and Pilots of WW II
Pictures of Vietnam by a Battle Photographer
Agent Orange Page on a bad Memory with lasting consequences!
An Example of a Very Decorated U.S. Army Soldier
Military Order of the Purple Heart
A Special for my Dad : USS Ancon
No Greater Love
American Heritage
Army CSM O'Brien is leaving early, and here's why!  Mirror Site
Golden Knights Parachuting Team
Blue Angels Aeronautics Demonstration Team
Vietnam War Declassification Project
Veterans.com: History Channel Site
Military Community: Keep track at Military. com
War Stories

R Lee Ermey Marine SGT

A super photo of the Sound Barrier being broke by a Navy Jet!

Something Special!

Vets: Find your unit and mission flag at U.S. Images

Just For Our Veterans!
Other Military Links
Soldier Of Fortune!  The Sitrep is in every issue of SOF!
It's The Law Like No Other! 10 CFR 167!

The price of being Commander-In Chief was high during the escalation 
of the Vietnam War:   A picture of sorrow for lost American Lives! 

Future Soldiers: Reach Age 18 yet?? Then Get Started!!!:
Selective Service System Registration Website

A Special Place to Go! West Point Military Academy! A good
friend of mine looked around the grounds and documented
the spectacular sights with lovely photographs! Take a Look!
Travel along to the Hudson at West Point "Albumweb"!

Civil War Web:
Ulysses S. Grant "Home Page"

World War II Webs:
In Memory Of  World War II
Memories Of War
World War II Oral History
New Brunswick (Rutgers) Oral History WW2 Archives
My Dad's Contribution to WW2: Photo Documentation!
Iwo Jima

Geopolitical Warfare:
Terrorism / Counter-Terrorism
The Cold War page from CNN
Arms Trade Revealed
NSA Declassified? "No Such Agency"
NSA Archives
Bay of Pigs Declassified
National Security Roadmap

On Vietnam History
Teach Vietnam

Patriotic? Then:
Take the Pledge!!!

What does our Military Fight For?? 
Freedom! And Independence!!

That day on July 4, 1776
Freedom is never Free!!

World's Most Famous Traitor!
Hanoi Jane's Dedication Page

Defenders of the U.S. Flag:

Flag Protocol

Who was Betsy Ross, the 1st flag maker for the U.S. ?

Be Proud of the U.S. Armed Forces:
Training is Where Excellence Begins!

Army ROTC For College Military Training!

The Hymn of The US Navy: "Eternal Father" Or The "Navy Hymn":
Eternal Father": The "Navy Hymn"!! Original Words!!
US Navy Academy Drum & Bugles Corps: "Navy Hymn"!
The "Navy Hymn" Explained! The Naval Historical Center
"Eternal Father": See the Music and hear it here! by Electronic Hymnal

Playing TAPS:
How "TAPS" used for honoring the fallen got started!

U.S. National Anthem:
"The Star Spangled Banner"

Signalling The Old fashioned Way:
The Semaphore Flag System  An Old Time Way to Keep In Touch

Guys & Gals Carrying the Insignias:
Here's A Tremendous Supply of Patriotic/Military Songs!
Laura's Midiheaven: Check This Out For Your Webs!

Super Fourth of July Web 

Special POW/MIA Websites:

lestweforget.gif (4397 bytes)

DPMO: Defense Prisoner-of-War and Missing Personnel Office

Wolfsong's POW/MIA Tribute
POW Network


Martial Arts may help a Warrior
Bushido Online: Samurai
Other Martial Arts Systems c/o Bushido Online
American Combative Association: CQC to be learned With Martial Arts, not itself a Martial Art


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A Small Yet Essential Disclaimer:
I am NOT A SEAL Or Any Other SPEC OPS/ Veteran.
Due To Medical Reasons, I'm not even a veteran. (4F in Draft '68.)
I can only do my service the Web Way "without a uniform"! :
This Is Simply A Site Especially to Honor The Brave Warriors! 

As a humorous Web "aside", here is What I Might have looked like if
The AFEES in Harrisburg weren't so picky about thyroid patients <G>